Dong Ba Market: the Oldest and Best Market to Visit in Hue City

Dong Ba Market is the Biggest and Oldest Market in Hue City. Under King Gia Long, it was located outside Chánh Đông Gate (Dong Ba Gate now) of Hue Citadel. After the events of Hue citadel in 1885 when French attached Forbidden City, the market was destroyed by the French colonialists. In 1887, King Dong Khanh rebuilt and named Dong Ba.

Dong Ba Market Hue

In 1899, King Thanh Thai moved Dong Ba Market to its present location. Over time, Dong Ba Market has been repaired many times with an area of 47,614m2 from Gia Hoi Bridge to Truong Tien Bridge, on the one hand is the Perfume River, on the other is Tran Hung Dao main street, Dong Ba Market has a three-floor architecture with thousands of consignments meeting the demand for goods of the local people.

Dong Ba Market Hue

Dong Ba Market is the most famous and best market to visit in Hue city. If you come to Hue without buying some gifts or visiting local delicacies in this market, it is a waste of chance.

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market opened day time, about 12 hours from 6.00am - 6.00pm. But the best time to experience Dong Ba is from about 3pm. Because this period of time is a good time for bargaining for the price of goods of the day, not only this time in Dong Ba market, there are also famous gourmet restaurants but in the morning there is almost no.

Chợ Đông Ba Huế

Dong Ba Market is considered the largest market in Hue, when you step into the market, you will be overwhelmed with countless stalls and countless items for sale. If not, you can easily get lost or miss. Interesting selection.

Best Market in Hue

The market includes a 3-storey building in the center, called the bell floor, surrounded by rows of houses forming a U-shaped belt, busy goods hugging the bell floor.

Dong Ba Market

The 3rd floor of the bell tower is for fabric and clothes stands. The 2nd floor is the place to sell handicrafts as souvenirs when traveling to Hue. From the poem hat to the pottery items of the ancient village of Phuoc Tich ... everything is on this second floor.

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Dong Ba Market: the Oldest and Best Market to Visit in Hue City Dong Ba Market: the Oldest and Best Market to Visit in Hue City

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