Tomb of Emperor Gia Long - The First King of the Nguyen Dynasty

Gia Long Tomb (Mausoleum of Gia Long): The mausoleum began construction in 1814 and was not completed until 1820. The entire mausoleum is a mountain complex with 42 hills and mountains, large and small, of which Dai Thien Tho is the largest mountain chosen as a precedent of the mausoleum and is the name of the whole mountain. From the banks of the Perfume River to the mausoleum, there is a wide road on both sides growing pine and melancholy soaring, blue, creating a cool, quiet air. Two majestic pillars are located on the outside, signaling the tomb.

  • Tomb Location: Hương Thọ, Hương Trà District, Thua Thien Hue
  • Opening Hours: Daily from 7.30 AM - 5.30 PM
  • Entrance Fee: 150.000VND/Adult (buy combo ticket if you visit other sites)
  • Dress Code: Required (you can borrow scarfs at the entrances of temples)

Gia Long Tomb

With a circumference of up to 11,234.40 m; Thien Tho Lang includes the following tombs:

  • Quang Hung Tomb of Mrs. Thai Tong Hieu Triet Queen, the second wife of Lord Hien Nguyen Phuc Tan (1620-1687).
  • Vinh Mau's Mausoleum of Anh Tong Hieu Nghia Queen, wife of Lord Nguyen Phuc Tran (1650-1725).
  • Truong Phong Mausoleum of Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu (1697-1738).
  • Legendary Mausoleum of Ms. Hung To Hieu Khuong Queen (1738-1811), second wife of Nguyen Phuc Con (Luan) and mother of King Gia Long.
  • Hoang Co tomb of Thai Chief Princess Long Thanh, sister of King Gia Long.
  • Thien Tho Mausoleum of King Gia Long and his wife.
  • Tomb of Thien Tho Huu of Mrs. Thuan Thien Cao Queen, second wife of Gia Long king, mother of Minh Mang king.

Tomb of Gia Long

The entire tomb is a complex of 42 hills and mountains with big and small names, of which Dai Thien Tho is the largest. The tomb of the king lies on a large flat hill. Dai Dai Tho used to be the front screen, after that there were 7 mountains as protectors, on the left and right side, there were 14 mountains of left dragon and white tiger. The tomb is divided into 3 areas:

  • The middle part is the tomb area of the king and Mrs. Thua Thien Cao Queen. Crossing the adjoining courtyard with solemn stone statues and 7 courtyard levels is Buu Thanh at the top of the hill.
  • To the right of the tomb is an impregnated area with Minh Thanh Palace worshiping the Emperor and First Queen
  • On the left of the tomb is Bi Dinh, now there is only a large stele with an inscription of the holy deed of King Minh Mang praising his father, carved very exquisitely.

Gia Long Mausoleum is a masterpiece of the arrangement between nature and architecture. The first king of the Nguyen Dynasty rested in a quiet and poetic space.

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Tomb of Emperor Gia Long - The First King of the Nguyen Dynasty Tomb of Emperor Gia Long - The First King of the Nguyen Dynasty

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