The 10 Best Local Street Food You Have to Try in Hue Vietnam

Best Local Street Food in Hue Vietnam: Hue Local Food is well known as the Best Delicious Food in Vietnam. It is also famous for it's distinctive way to cook and to serve. Some of these typical dishes you can only find in Hue City and nowhere else in Vietnam, so make sure you do not miss out these Hue Cuisine before leaving. To try Hue Best Local Food, you can either Join Unique Hue Street Food Tour by Motorbike with Driver or Hue Walking Food Tour to taste the top 10 dishes that you should enjoy in Hue Best Local Restaurants:

1. Cơm Hến (Hue Clam Rice or Mussel Rice - Read More >>>): This is the most popular local street eat in Hue. The name means “clam rice” — a rather understated label for a chaotic bowl of contrasting colors, tastes and textures: rice or rice noodles, tender stir-fried clams, crisp pork cracklings, peanuts, bean sprouts, julienned green apples, glass noodles, fried shallots and herbs, with a bowl of hot clam broth that you can add as you wish.

Cơm Hến - Hue Street Food Tour

Cơm Hến (Hue Clam Rice)

This dish is easily found walking or motoring around Hue, especially along the three-block Truong Dinh Street, and at the corner of Nguyen Thai Hoc and Ba Trieu, where a vendor sets up shop outdoors under a series of tarps strung with lights.

2. Bánh Bèo Huế (Steamed Hue Fern-Shape Cake - Read More >>>): Known in English name as steamed rice cakes, Banh Beo looks similar to cupcakes but it is topped with dried shrimp, deep-fried pork rind, shallots, rice vinegar, and fresh herbs.

Bánh Bèo Huế

Bánh Bèo Huế (Hue Fern Shape Cake)

Accompanied with a side of nuoc mam (fermented fish) dipping sauce and red chillies, there are two variations of this local delicacy - banh beo chen is prepared in a coin-sized ceramic saucer (you can get five or six for about VND 30,000 at sit-down restaurants) while the larger banh beo dia is eaten as a main dish.

3. Bánh Lọc (Steamed Tapioca Cake in Taro/Banana Leaf - Read More >>>): Banh loc (Tapioca Cake) is a typical Hue snack in which a tapioca flour-based dough is stuffed with caramelized shrimp and pork.

Bánh Lọc Huế

Bánh Lọc Huế (Hue Tapioca Cake)

In this version, called Banh Loc Goi, the dumpling is wrapped and tied in lightly oiled banana leaves, and the packets are tied together in pairs, using banana leaf strips, and steamed. Open the parcel, remove the cake to a plate and spoon over some Nước Chấm, a combination of fish sauce, vinegar, shrimp stock, sugar, water and fresh chiles.

4. Bánh Nậm (Steamed Rice Cake in Taro/Banana Leaf - Read More >>>): Yet another delicious steamed rice savory cake, this time flat, with a mixture of fried ground shrimp, pork and scallions pressed into the surface before it’s wrapped in banana leaves, steamed and served with nuoc mam pha (Fish Sauce).

Bánh Nậm Huế - Hue Local Food

Bánh Nậm Huế (Hue Steamed Rice Cake)

This is one of the top popular local dishes served in local restaurants. Some of the best Local restaurants serving this dish is: Quán Hạnh, Hàng Me Mẹ, Quán Bà Đỏ, Quán Tài Phú,...

5. Bánh Khoái Huế (Hue Crispy Fried Pancake - Read More >>>): This crunchy rice flour crepe, made bright yellow with a healthy shake of turmeric and extra-crispy due to sugar and carbonated water in the batter, is a smaller, thicker version of the banh xeo you see in the southern part of Vietnam (and on the menus of many Vietnamese restaurants in the States). The crepe is pan-fried and typically stuffed with shrimp and pork belly or sausage (cha lua) that have been cooked in garlic, along with scallions, bean sprouts and, as in the case of the ones sold at Dong Ba Market, a quail egg.

Bánh Khoái Huế - Hue Cocal Food

Bánh Khoái Huế - Hue Fried Pancake

The crepe is served with hoisin-based dipping sauce, lettuce, cucumbers, trai va, mint, rau ram, cilantro, perilla and sometimes star fruit are served alongside. Because it’s slightly more portable than nem lui and its accompaniments, you’ll find banh khoai for sale at street carts and sit-down restaurants, like Quán Hanh (at 11 Pho Duc Chinh).

6. Bún Bò Huế (Hue Rice Noodle Soup with Beef - Read More >>>): Pho (Noodle Sooup) is popular Vietnamese cuisine and we have many versions of Noodle Soup in Vietnam. But we are learning about another soup, the equally delicious but very different Bun Bo Hue - Hue Noodle Soup with Beef (called simply Bun Bo locally).

Bún Bò Huế - Hue Street Food Tour

Bún Bò Huế (Hue Noodle Soup with Beef)

This dish features round rice noodles, as opposed to pho’s flat ones, mixed into a stock made from beef and/or pork bones, flavored with lemongrass, annatto seeds, ginger, fermented shrimp paste, sugar and chiles. Cubes of congealed pig blood, called huyet, float alongside slices of beef or pork shank and/or knuckles — with mung bean sprouts, lime wedges, green and white onions, sliced banana blossoms, chile paste and fistfuls of rau ram (Vietnamese coriander), mint and sawtooth herb are offered alongside.

7. Bánh Canh (Hue Tapioca Noodle Soup - Read More >>>): Tapioca made into Noodle Soup and served with some extras like: Shriwmp, Fillet Fish, Pork Meat Ball, Pork Sausages, Crab Meat, Springs Onions.

Bánh Canh Huế - Hue Local Street Food

Bánh Canh Huế (Hue Tapioca Noodle Soup)

This is typical and you can only find in Hue City. The most famous local restaurant served Banh Canh is Banh Canh Ba Doi in Citadel.

8. Bún Thịt Nướng (Rice Noodle with Grilled Pork - Read More >>>): Grilled Pork with salad served with Rice Noodls and delicious peanut sauce is a top popular local food in Hue City. You can find this dish everywhere in Hue from Street Food Stalls to Tourist Restaurants.

Bún Thịt Nướng - Hue Street Food Tour

Bún Thịt Nướng (Rice Noodle with Grilled Pork)

9. Nem Lụi Huế (Grilled Minced Pork on Lemongrass Skewer - Read More >>>): The Dish is made with finely ground beef and pork, plus sliced pork skin and fat, garlic, sugar and fish sauce are formed into sausages on Skewer of lemongrass, grilled over charcoal and set in front of diners.

Nem Lui Hue

Nem Lụi Huế (Gilled Minced Pork on Lemongrass Skewer)

This is serve with rice paper to wrap sliced lettuce, cucumbers, green fig, lightly pickled strings of carrot and green papaya, cold rice vermicelli and a pile of herbs. Then, it’s basically grip and dip in peanut and chopped pork sauce.

10. Chè Huế (Hue Sweet Soup - Read More >>>): Che hat sen (Sweet Soup) is one of the many local desserts you can find in Hue, containing lotus seeds and green rice flakes in a sweet broth. Thanks to its cooling properties, locals often have it in the summer to combat the heat but you can enjoy this pretty much any time of the year.

Chè Huế - Hue Sweet Soup

Chè Huế (Hue Sweet Soup)

One of the most highly recommended dessert shops in Hue is Che Hem on Hung Vuong Street, where you can get a generous portion of che hat sen for about VND 5,000.

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The 10 Best Local Street Food You Have to Try in Hue Vietnam The 10 Best Local Street Food You Have to Try in Hue Vietnam

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