Hue City Tour Small Group


  • Take a Walk in Imperial Citadel and Ruined Forbidden City of Ancient Hue Vietnam
  • Learn about life of the Kings; their Wives, Concubines & Eunuchs with the expert
  • Visiting  the most famous, the nicest and Oldest pagoda in Hue named Thien Mu
  • Learning about the importance of Buddhism to our local community in Vietnam
  • Enjoying Refreshing Dragon Boat Trip on Romantic Perfume River (Huong River)
  • Visiting Best Royal Tombs of the Emperors to learn about Vietnamese Royalty


8.00AM - 8.30AM: Our tour guide and driver pick you up from hotel in Hue city center for our Hue City Small Deluxe Group Tour. Today, we will have chance to visit the best tourist attractions in Hue and learn about local history as well as Vietnamese royal culture:

1 - Dragon Boat Tour Cruising on Perfume River: We start with dragon boat trip on the romantically named Perfume River (Huong River) to visit Hue’s best-known religious sites, Thien Mu Pagoda (Pagoda of the Celestial Lady).

2 - Thien Mu Pagoda: Pagoda was first built in 1601 by Founder of the Nguyen Family in the region (Nguyen Hoang). Here you will have chance to learn about history of Vietnamese Buddhism and how important it is to our local community.

3 - Hue Imperial Citadel: Continue by bus to discover Imperial Citadel (Royal Palace, Forbidden City) built by 2 first Kings of the Nguyen Dynasty - Kings Gia Long and Minh Mang (from 1804 to 1933) for political and religious activities of Nguyen's Kings including Flag Tower, Noon Gate, Nine Dynastic Urns, Nine Holy Cannons, Thai Hoa Palace, and Forbidden Purple City. This is now the Best Place in Vietnam to learn about life of the Nguyen Emperors, their wives - concubines - eunuchs.

4 - Dong Ba Local Market: After that, our tour guide and driver will take you to visit lively Dong Ba market to have some fun bargaining with local sellers there before our delicious lunch served with some Vietnamese Food.

5 - Minh Mang Tomb: We continue with a visit to the elaborate Tomb of Minh Mang built from 1841 - 1843. The Tomb is famous for landscape and Oriental Architecture. This tomb was planned and started by Minh Mang but built by his successor - King Thieu Tri, from begining of 1841 to1843.

6 - Khai Dinh Tomb: Tomb of Khai Dinh was built from 1920 - 1931. This is the smallest tomb (48.5X117m) of the Nguyen Emperors, but took the longest time and cost a lot of money to build. This is only 1 tomb built with blended architecture of Oriental & Western Styles.

7 - Conical Hat & Incense Making Workshop: Our final Stop for today will be conical hat & incense making work shop. Here you will have chance to see how local make for their living before driving back to your hotel. And we expect to finish our Hue City Group Tour at 4.00PM- 4.30PM.

This Guided Hue City Small Group Tour will give you a deep understanding about local history, life of the Royal Family,... King’s philosophy of geomancy and how this affected Vietnamese Royal Life.

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Tour Price: 44 usd/person        Min of Group: 1 person     Max of Group: 12 persons.

Tour Inclusions:  Entrance Tickets to Sightseeing Places, Airconditioner Transfer with Car/Bus, Dragon Boat Tour on Perfume River, Friendly & Informative English speaking guide, Vietnamese food for Lunch (Vegetarian available), A Bottle of Drinking water during tour.

Tour Exclusions: Drinks (Available to purchase), Tips/Gratuities for tour guide and driver, Shopping & Personal Expenses, Travel Insurance, Banking Fee / Money Transfer, ​Anything not mentioned clearly above.

Trip Notes:

  • Private Hue City Tour with Dragon Boat Cruise on Perfume River is available for this Itinerary if requested
  • Decent clothes or Bring Scarf to cover your shoulders and knees are recommended for temple visit, please.
  • Children: Under 2 - Free of Charge (Seat on Lap); from 2 to 6 - 25% Adult Price; from 7 to 11 - 75% Adult Price.
  • Please inform our travel consultant when booking or our local guide if you have any special food requirements.

Cancellation Policy: Free of Charge for Cancellation Up to 24 Hours Before Tour Departure.

Hue City Tour Small Group Hue City Tour Small Group

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