Why with us?

There are many reasons why Adventure Journey is always a top choice for Local and International Travellers when traveling in Vietnam. Here are some of those reasons:

1 - We have worked with various of travel agents before setting up our own business, therefore we have favorable condition to sum up all the compliments, complaints, the low light and the high light of activities and tours evaluated by our travellers. By inheriting these experiences, they help us to build up the trips that can enhance your travelling experience, adding more value and unforgettable memories for your Vietnam holiday.

2 - Traveling with us, we not only take you to the top well known destinations and sight seeing, but we also take you to the lesser known local unique places where tourist do not normally go there, interestingly based on our experience we realized that sometimes the most extraordinary experience occurs in the ordinary places in the  poor traditional villages like; village lane, communal house, school, family home and farm where considered as the heart and soul of the country.

3 - Adventure Journey also aims to take you off the beaten track to see the real deal of the country by bicycles, motorcycles or smaller four wheels vehicle according to your choice. We will create you more chance to blend in the local life, participating many ordinary daily life and handicraft activities, such as; giving hand for harvesting crop, cooking, hands on making flowers, conical hat. All those simple activities, meeting and sharing stories with local people create great fond memories to bring home as the remainder of your travel experience.

4 - With Adventure Journey, besides those tours offered, you can also design or co-operate with expert to design your own tours, routes with your designated budget. We always have very flexible itineraries, not only fix Designed Package Tours. So all of our travlers can design to fit their plans. Our Vietnam Customized Tours and Holidays will maximizes your experience when traveling with us.

5 - We will help you to organize itinerary that beyond the familiar one which often seen herded around the regular sight seeing fields. Upon your request, we can also organize a small vehicle with smaller group that enable us to take you to the heart of the destinations to meet the local, be the locals, enjoying the authentic local culture and life, so you not only see the place but experience the daily life moment and cultural exchange with the locals.

6 - Adventure Journey aims to bring you away from the regular routes whenever possible to create you more adventure experience. We believe in small group for having more access, more adventure, and spontaneity to the local culture and life. It is difficult for a big group to be invited to a local family home or so on, be aware of this we will travel in the small group of under 12 travellers so as we are able to blend in to the flow of local life with out disturbing or interrupting it.

7 - Local interaction takes where locals live, work and socialize: As ordinary tourists they mostly meet only local people in the hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and so on. With us, we offer you chance to meet locals at all part of life spontaneously from farm, working place, school, nunnery, wedding hall, funeral and wherever possible happen on the trip.  These help you to have fun and better understanding about local life.

8 - Local guides share their world they live in, and add values on your adventure experience. All of our Local Guide graduated from Tourism University and have beeing working in Tourism Industry for long time. They are passionate about their job, and always love to show our beautiful country to travelers. So you will surely have the real memorable holiday when traveling with us.

With the different traveling style mentioned, your trip would be more memorable with our dedicated local guide who was born and grow up in the region, possessing tips and hints to open all doors to new culture for you.

Why with us? Why with us?

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