Hue Things to Do: Best Activities to Do in Hue Vietnam

Hue Things to Do: Hue City is well-known as one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam with many World Cultural Heritage Sites built by the Nguyen's Lords (1558 - 1789) and Nguyen's Emperors (1802 - 1945). This was the Capital of Vietnam for 143 years under the Nguyen Dynasty, from 1802 till 1945 before Ho Chi Minh started Communist Government and moved the Capital of the Country to Hanoi. If you like to know what is the best things to do in Hue. We can recommend you some some the best activities you should not miss:

1. Take a walking to visit Imperial Citadel: Recommended Tour - Hue Citadel Walking Tour

- Hue Citadel - Hue Imperial City - Hue Forbidden City: Built from 1804 by King Gia Long and finished in 1833 by King Minh Mang. At the entrance of the Ngan gate into the Imperial Citadel are the Nine Holy Cannons cast from melted down bronze wares from the Tay Son dynasty.

Hue Things to Do

The cannons are named after the four seasons and five elements (metal, earth, wood, water and fire) and are known as the “Holy Invincible Generals”. They have never been used for military purposes and are the guardian spirits of the Hue Citadel.

2. Take a walking to try Hue Local Street Food: Recommended Tour - Hue Walking Food Tour

Hue is one of the must-visit destinations when visiting Vietnam. This ancient capital attracts various tourists because of its historical sites as well as its unique cuisine.

Things to Do in Hue

If you are planning to visit Hue, and still wondering where and what to eat, here are the best dishes of Hue foods and drinks that you should never miss.

3. Take Dragon Boat to visit Pagoda and Tombs: Recommended Tour - Hue Dragon Boat Cruise

Perfume River cruise is a popular activity in Hue, Vietnam. Different from other sightseeing rides, this experience is by a dragon boat that was used only for the king formerly. It might be a part of his hunting trips, a visit to ancestor tombs or a pilgrimage to holy sites in the upstream.

Hue Things to Do

After the fall of the Nguyen Dynasty, nobody forbade people to do the same. Today, travelers enjoy it so far in their own journey to explore the charms of Hue.

4. Bike and Boat to Pagoda and Tombs: Recommended Tour - Hue Tombs Tour by Bike & Boat

From moss-covered towers hidden in the hills to faded stone warriors proudly protecting the dead, the Hue tombs evoke the feeling of a forgotten, almost mythological world. The kings of the Nguyen Dynasty designed their own tombs, reflecting their varying temperaments, philosophies, and priorities.

What to Do in Hue

Dig deeper and you’ll discover the tombs don’t just embody the lives and souls of the Nguyen Kings. They also recount the story of one of Vietnam’s most engrossing historical periods, including national unification, military conquest, and the cultural impact of French colonialism.

5. Visit Countryside of Hue and Join Fishing Activities by Fishing Net and Trap in Dam Chuon

Besides the well-known tourist attractions like royal citadel, imperial tombs, pagodas... Hue owns a peaceful countryside resting a lots of traditional handicraft villages. Escape the hustle of Hue for the surrounding countryside, and gain a unique insight into local life during this relaxed biking tour.

Hue Things to Do

Discover the friendly locals and the real face of Vietnam while cycling through some of the country’s prettiest landscapes.

6. Take Motorbike Tour to Hai Van Pass: Recommended Tour - Motorbike Tour Hue to/from Hoi An

A contender for the most famous road in Vietnam, the Hai Van Pass is a short but scenic route winding around a mountainside above the East Sea, on the central coast. Đèo Hải Vân – Ocean Cloud Pass – is famous for a number of reasons: as a geographic and political boundary between ancient kingdoms; as a climatic divide between the tropical south and the subtropical north; and as a strategic military post during times of war, both ancient and modern. But, most recently, the Hai Van Pass is famous, quite simply, as a great road trip linking the popular central Vietnamese destinations of Hoi An, Danang, and Hue.

Hue Things to Do

For Vietnamese and foreign road-trippers alike, the Hai Van Pass is a favourite ride, its fame bolstered by the popularity of the Top Gear Vietnam Special (2008), in which the presenters waxed lyrical about the pass, inspiring a generation of travellers to take to the road on two wheels and hit the Hai Van Pass. Although it’s certainly not the greatest road in Vietnam, the Hai Van Pass is still a lot of fun to ride, with excellent views, light traffic, and easy access from several cities.

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Hue Things to Do: Best Activities to Do in Hue Vietnam Hue Things to Do: Best Activities to Do in Hue Vietnam

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