Top 10 Unusual Experiences You Will Have in Vietnam

Vietnam may be renowned for its many pristine temples, colonial architecture, geological wonders, and mouth-watering cuisines, but this quaint country are also plenty of unique experiences you won’t find elsewhere. Despite years of colonialism and modernisation, there are several parts of Vietnam that remains relatively authentic, with its local population making great efforts to preserve its many traditions and beliefs.

From staying with a hill tribe in Sapa to downing a shot of (poisonous) snake wine, check out our list 10 crazy experiences you will have in Vietnam. Be warned that some may be unsuitable for the squeamish.

1. Sampling a shot of snake wine: Snake Wine from Vietnam uses herbs or animals that are soaked in high-alcohol distilled white spirit and are used as a very popular drug in culinary culture of Vietnam.For foreign travelers, they often find it very intimidating because they have soaked all kinds of live animals that have been pre-processed such as snakes, gizzards, geckos ... or even animal organs such as testicular or hands of bear,…

2. Crawling through Viet Cong Secret Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels was first started by Local people in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh city in 1948 during French War and used to hide themself from French colonialist. But during Vietnam war (known as American War in Vietnam), this tunnels system was pro-long for local living and Viet Cong Fighters to live. This was also well known as underground village and American Fighters did try to destroy the system, but always failed. You can book Saigon Day Trip to visit Cu Chi Tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnels

3. Walking into 6 lanes of oncoming traffic in Saigon: Vietnamese say: Traffic Rules are just recommendation in vietnam. So if you first visit to this Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city), you will feel like there are no rule on the road. You will see people and traffic come from everywhere. But this is "organized chaos" and everything works perfectly.

Traffic in Vietnam

4. Sandboarding on Mui Ne Sand Dunes: The White Sand Dunes is the top attraction in Mui Ne Town, after the beach itself. The massive, saharan dunes lay about 65 km North East of Phan Thiet province. The dunes range from gold to pure white (red dunes may be found further south at Mui Ne village). A small stand of pine trees sit on the southern end of the dune lakes, offering a perfect spot for a picnic and afternoon nap.

Sandboarding in Mui Ne

5. Riding a cyclo through Hoi An Ancient Town: Riding on cyclo (rickshaw) is always a must try when you are visitting to Vietnam. But riding Cyclo in top famous Hoi An Ancient city is always an excitting experience to watch everything going pass. This city is forbidded for any motorised vehycles and only allows primitive vehycle.

Hoi An Cycle Tours

6. Haggling at the local markets: In most of South East Asian countries, especially developing nations like Vietnam, most sellers in Local Markets usually start at higher price, either to local or foreign buyers. So bargaining is always accepted in local shops or local market even sometimes you may see the note of fix price. Learn how to bargain in Vietnamese to get better deals and having a more relaxing trip in the Southeast Asian.

Bargaining in Vietnam

7. Drinking USD 0.50 beers at Bia Hoi Junction in Hanoi: Bia Hoi (or Fresh Beer) refers to the refreshingly light, chilled, straw-coloured draught beer, as well as the no-frills neighbourhood drinking spots where you’ll finding yourself throwing them back. For instance, your new friends might say to you “Let’s go for bia hoi!” or “Let’s head to the bia hoi!” Befriend some Vietnamese and that’s what you’ll hear often.

Bia Hoi

8. Swimming in Elephant Spring's natural pools: Elephant springs is located about 40km South of Hue city, Vietnam and off the beaten track, giving visitors the sensation of a secluded paradise. It also has multi small lakes with different levels of bamboo huts where you can put your belongings under cover before swimming. This is a perfect spot for local and tourist to relax alone or in groups outside the water.

Elephant Springs Hue

9. Exploring Caves at Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park: Paradise Cave is about 14km southwest of Son Trach village, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park - Quang Binh Province. It is surrounded by forested karst peaks, this remarkable cave system extends for about 31km long, though most people only visit the first kilometre. The scale is breathtaking, as wooden staircases descend into a cathedral-like space with colossal stalagmites and glimmering stalactites. Get here early to beat the crowds, as during peak times (early afternoon) tour guides shepherd groups using megaphones. Son Doong  Cave is another cave, but you need to book the tour.

Paradise Cave Vietnam

10. Staying with a hill tribe family in Sapa: Sapa Vietnam is booming with tourists come from all over the World. If you ever travel to Sapa, one of must try is to do trekking in Mountain, Jungle, Stream and Rice Terrace,... then stay overnight in Homestay of Hilltribe people of Blak H'mong, Red Zao or Day to learn about their dialy life with tradition and customs.

Sapa Homestay

You can either book Sapa Tours from Hanoi or book train, bus to get to Sapa then arrange homestay service with local hilltribe there.

Adventure Journey

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Top 10 Unusual Experiences You Will Have in Vietnam Top 10 Unusual Experiences You Will Have in Vietnam

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