Elephant Springs: An Amazing Stop Between Hue and Hoi An

Elephant Springs or Elephant Waterfall in Hue (Suối Voi in Vietnamese) is famous for its huge elephant-shaped rocks, cool water and fresh air. Hue Elephant Springs is known for its wild beauty of natural forest mountains. It is also famous for many interesting and unique local dishes that attract many tourists coming to Hue for relaxation.

Elephant Springs Hue

Elephant Springs is also called by many locals with a different name like Moi stream. Elephant Springs tourist area attracts a large number of tourists. This picnic spot is suitable for summer trips, because the weather is very nice and cool at the time. Not only domestic and foreign tourists visit but the local people also come here on weekends with their families to picnic and rest day by day.

Elephant Springs

With the ticket to the Elephant Springs from 50,000 - 220,000 VND / person, you can rest, watch the whole big waterfall, the majesty of a diverse primeval forest. Coming to this tourist destination, you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains along with many forest flowers such as purple myrtle and along the sides of the stream are ancient trees.

Elephant Springs Hue

Coming here, visitors can also immerse in the clear natural swimming pool of Elephant Waterfall Pool lying between two wonderful waterfalls up to 30m2 and 2m deep. You should pay attention when playing at the stream, so rent a life jacket to reduce the case in case of accidentally slippery, because the bottom of the stream is strewn with rocks, big and small. You can also rent huts downstream of the people here to relax and enjoy the rustic food by their own hands.

  • How to Get to Elaphant Waterfall in Hue?

Where is Hue Elephant Spring? This is the question of many travelers who want to visit this famous picnic spot in Hue. This location is conveniently located on the way between Danang and Hue. If you travel from Hue to Danang or Hoi An, you just need to cross Phuoc Tuong Pass about 3km and then go to km 879 turn right and go straight to the Elephant Stream.

Elephant Springs

And for those traveling from Da Nang or Hoi An to Hue, it will take more time with a long road from 55km to 85km, especially paying attention to the 879 km section, then turn left to get to the right Elephant Springs to avoid getting lost.

Tips: You have to pay Entrance Fee to get in for swimming here. But when you got inside, there will be some locals with Bamboo Shacks to invite you and you have to pay extra about 200.000 VND/Shack. This is optional and you can choose on your own.


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Elephant Springs: An Amazing Stop Between Hue and Hoi An Elephant Springs: An Amazing Stop Between Hue and Hoi An

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