Ru Cha Mangrove Forest - Discovering pristine beauty of Hue Countryside

Rú Chá - the name at first sounds very weird, even to Vietnamese People. But according to the local people here, it is simply explained that it is a forest (RÚ) planted with trees named CHÁ. Because the tree has a favorable water environment here, it thrives, turning it into a forest, and only allows some species to live. Since then, the name RÚ CHÁ was born, despite hearing very weird, but it is understandable.

Ru Cha Hue

Ru Cha is a rare and precious primary mangrove forest in Tam Giang lagoon, located in Thuan Hoa village (Huong Phong commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien Hue province). With an area of about 5.2 hectares (52 km2), the whole Rá Chá is a forest with the function of preventing salinity and protecting the mainland of Hue.

Hue Ru Cha

From the center of Hue city, following National Road No 49 to the direction of Thuan An beach, about 9 km. There will be a sign: go straight to Thuan An beach, turn left and cross Tam Giang bridge. You choose to turn left in the direction of Tam Giang bridge, go about 4 km to Rá Chá.

Road to Ru Cha Hue

Few years ago, when people wanted to go to Ru Chá, they had to leave their car/motorbike on the roadside, then walk, sometimes having to wade, taking little fishing boats. But in recent years, the road to Ru Chá has been concreted to make the visit very convenient.

What to play in Ru Chá?

Most of people come here to escape from Bustling City and taking photos, including couples who come for wedding photos. There are also many people who come to Ru Chá to watch the clouds and the sky to relax. From any angle, Ru Chá is also beautiful.

Hue Motorbike Tour

Come here, you can stroll around the small concrete road with a few short turns, or follow the dirt roads to admire the roots of Mangove Trees, the branches on both sides bent intertwined. so many couples/group of friends come here to save a memorable moment in life. Watching the tree shine into the calm, peaceful water, you will definitely want to stay here all day.

Ru Cha Hue

Recently, people also built a solid concrete tower in the middle of the forest, just as a watchtower covering the entire mangrove forest, and an ideal place for photography enthusiasts to come here to create. Standing on the high floors of the watchtower, a vast area of  Tam Giang's water appears before your eyes, as if you can see the whole vast world out there.

Ru Cha Wacth Tower

In Ru Chá, there is also an ancient temple to worship Mrs. Duc Thanh Mau. According to word of mouth, once upon a time during a great flood, the Altar of the Holy Mother at Hon Chen temple drifted here, the villagers saw that so she set up a temple to worship her here. As a sacred spot, people often come here to worship, burn incense, worship. In particular, the villagers also celebrate the death anniversary of the Holy Mother on the 3rd of the 3rd lunar month every year.

Temple in Ru Cha

What to eat in Ru Chá?

Come to Ru Chá, you don't need bring any food, there is Mr. Dap's family, a couple left the village to go and settle down here to protect the forest. They have been volunteering to protect the forest more than thirty years now. Some patrons have a phone number for a lovely couple, they usually order rice before coming, but travelers who pass by, if you want to have dinner/lunch with a lovely family, just come and ask for food. Eat like family meal, then send back a little bit of money.

Ru Cha Hue

At home, there are always fish in the lagoon, chicken in the garden, depending on your requirements. These "home-grown" meals with the couple "Robinson of Hue" will make you eat once and remember forever. That's why I told you guys from the beginning, don't bring anything with you. Knocking on the door "begging" or whatever. This will be a very interesting experience.

Best Things to do in Hue

If you want to find delicious and cheap seafood restaurants, you can visit Con Te, 2 km from Ru Chá on the way back to the city center. You can see the signboard leading to Con Té before coming to Rá Chá, just skip this sign and continue on to Rá Chá, then go back to Con Tè. There are many rustic eateries, but full of oyster paint. In the afternoon, many people from the city also come here to eat and relax. Or visit Dam Chuon Fishing Village - about 2 km away from Ru Cha.


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Ru Cha Mangrove Forest - Discovering pristine beauty of Hue Countryside Ru Cha Mangrove Forest - Discovering pristine beauty of Hue Countryside

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