Dam Chuon Hue: Unique Fishing Village in Tam Giang Lagoon

Dam Chuon Lagoon (Đầm Chuồn) is also known as SAM lagoon and has an area of over 100ha. This is a big part of the pure and peaceful Tam Giang Lagoon System, and is also a popular destination of many tourists whenever traveling to Hue City in Central Vietnam.

Dam Chuon Hue

This place is just over 12km east of Hue city center in Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue. Although quite far from the center, visitors can easily move here to admire this unique beauty.

How to Get to Dam Chuon Lagoon in Hue?

The road to Dam Chuon Hue is not too difficult, visitors just need to go along Highway 49 towards An Truyen and go a further section through Tu Hien Bridge, through the fields to be able to set foot to admire the poetic scenery dream, fanciful. Tourists can rent a car or motorbike to come here, but if you want to be convenient for travel and admire the unique views of Hue ancient capital, you should travel by motorbike. With a reasonable rent from 100,000 to 120,000 VND / day.

Dam Chuon Village

Another plus point here is the row of floating restaurants in the middle of the lagoon, visitors have many options to enjoy seafood. In addition, there is a free ferry to get there and enjoy the unique food. For those who come here, one can not forget the long and curved bamboo bridges, visitors can experience the interesting feeling of walking on the bridge to the restaurant.

Dam Chuon Lagoon

With the unique characteristics of the river, eat and enjoy the romantic natural scenery. The restaurant has enough space for family or groups of friends. Besides, after eating guests can add relaxation fishing or relax here.

Dam Chuon Sunset

The scene becomes more magical in the early morning and at sunset, where many famous photographers and artists come to hunt for unique photos. Hue dragonflies bring a charming beauty, the flask shook visitors from everywhere.

What is the Best Local Food to Eat in Dam Chuon Lagoon?

Traveling to Dam Chuon Hue without having the opportunity to enjoy the fresh, sweet seafood flavor is really a big omission for the whole trip. Especially in April to July, visitors will experience and see the bustling atmosphere of the people here when they harvest seafood and participate in the Dragonfly Village procession festival.

Dam Chuon Food

It is famous for fishes from brackish water, freshwater fish and marine origin fish such as bee, whale, rabbit fish, grouper, etc.The seafood here has a delicious sweet flavor different from elsewhere. because living in brackish water environment.

Dam Chuon Lagoon

Not only famous for its fishes, but here is also famous for specialties such as dolphins, dragonfly cakes, soup cakes, nam cake, ... Besides, Dam Chuon Hue is also not lack of species of shrimp, crabs, crabs, shellfish, .. that visitors cannot miss. Visitors can buy it and get discounts, or they can ask them to prepare it themselves. To keep some memories when coming here, visitors can buy souvenir gifts such as sour shrimp, shrimp paste, shrimp paste, Hue spring rolls, ... famous to be gifts for friends and relatives.

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Dam Chuon Hue: Unique Fishing Village in Tam Giang Lagoon Dam Chuon Hue: Unique Fishing Village in Tam Giang Lagoon

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