Lang Co Bay Hue: One of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World

Pristine Bay at the Foot of Hai Van Pass:

Lang Co Bay has a length of 42.5 km, more than 60 km from Hue and 20 km from Da Nang. In 2009, Lang Co was honored to receive the title of "Lang Co - Beautiful Bay in the World" by the World's Most Beautiful Bays Club (Worldbays). Although Lang Co has been attracting domestic and foreign tourists, this destination still retains its wild and alluring beauty.

Lang Co Bay

As a pristine sea bay located at the foot of Hai Van pass, possessing a flat beach, beautiful blue water and a diverse ecosystem, Lang Co makes every visitor who has ever been here to be admired and overwhelmed. . Traveling to Lang Co, tourists can take in the view of the natural scenery and the peaceful life of people here.

Lang Co Bay Vietnam

In addition to the values bestowed by nature, Lang Co Bay is located on the central heritage road stretching from Phong Nha cave, Hue ancient capital to Hoi An ancient town, My Son holy land. It converges rich tourism resources and many attractive tourist products to meet the enjoyment needs of tourists from the cross.

An Ideal Place for Vacation in Vietnam:

Taking advantage of all these strengths, in recent years, Lang Co Bay (Hue) has witnessed the birth of many regional and international resort tourism projects. Besides the active brands and gradually shaping their own personality, Lang Co Bay is still receiving more projects that promise to improve the quality of local tourism.

Lang Co Bay Vietnam

One of such bright spots is Laguna Lang Co, an international-class integrated resort resort of Banyan Tree Group (the leading international corporation in operating hotels, resorts, and high residential areas. level and spa services in Asia - Pacific).

Considered as one of the ideal resort destinations, the 280-hectare Laguna Lang Co resort is located next to Lang Co Bay and is surrounded by a 3-kilometer long coastline in Chan May Economic Zone with views. straight to the East Sea.

Lang Co Bay Hue

Because of this unique geographical position, Laguna Lăng Cô retains the pristine and majestic beauty of the forest and the sea. Walking under the coniferous trees at this resort, you will feel like you own a long beach for yourself. Especially, at nightfall, visitors will be relaxed to immerse themselves in a private space, surrounded by gentle nature.

Lang Co Vietnam

Besides exploring the poetic scenery, visitors to Laguna also to immerse themselves in the cultural beauty of this place. The peaceful life of Lang Co fishing people opens before you when you encounter traditional fishing boats, early morning market and art forms here.

Traveling to Lang Co not only immersed in the luxurious resort space like Laguna Lang Co, visitors also enjoy a rich nature, while exploring the colorful cultural features of this land.

What is the Best Time to Visit and How to Get to Lang Co?

The best time to visit Lang co Bay and Lang Co Beach is in summer time, from May to Oct as it is very warm and dry. Other time of the year would be rain and cold, especially from the end of Oct to Jan following year, it is raining in Hue.

If you plan to stay in Lang Co or just like to come for a moment, it is easy know as Lang Co Bay and Beach located next to the National Road No1. Take a taxi or rent a private car, motorcycle from Danang, Hoi An and Hue to Lang Co would be the best options.

And if you traveling between Hue and Danang or Hoi An. This place will be on the way and you can easily make a stop to enjoy this amazing Lang Co Bay and Beach with the Fishing Village and Lap An Lagoon.


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Lang Co Bay Hue: One of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Lang Co Bay Hue: One of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World

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