Dong Van Rock Plateau Weather: What is the Best Time to Visit?

Ha Giang Weather Forecast: Dong Van Hà Giang Rock Plateau has a tropical monsoon climate on high altitudes: dry season from late November to April, and rainy season from May to November. The everage temperatures are cold in the winter from late October to February following year, which are mostly from below 10oC or 12oC. During the summer time, the temperatures are usually from 21oC to 29oC.

Best Time to visit Dong Van

Ha Giang lies on a “Humid subtropical, dry winter” climate area. The highest temperature is about 26.6°C (79.88°F) and the lowest is about 6.6°C (43.88°F), with an average yearly temperature of 17.1°C (62.75°F). Annual rainfall averages nearly 1162.4 millimetres (45.76 inches).

Historical Monthly Average Weather with Temperature Conditions for Ha Giang.

Months High / Low (°C) Rain


15.3° / 6.9°

5.5 days


19.2° / 7.9°

2.2 days


22.9° / 11.3°

6.6 days


25.2° / 14.4°

13.6 days


26.6° / 16.6°

19.6 days


25.8° / 17.9°

24.7 days


25.2° / 17.6°

24.3 days


25.5° / 17.0°

24.5 days


24.2° / 16.0°

19.2 days


21.4° / 13.2°

12.4 days


19.2° / 10.6°

5.2 days


15.5° / 6.6°

3.7 days


Best time to visit Dong Van Ha Giang: Summer Season (May to Sep) is the Best Time to travel to Dong Van to discover the Rock Formation and enjoy beautiful scenery in clear weather. But this rock plateau is actually beautiful all year around, and  for local people who love to enjoy different kinds of flower and scenery, Dong Van is the best place to visit in:

January - February: Peach blossom, plum blossom, yellow mustard flowers

The climate is harsher than in many other places, so peach and plum flowers often bloom late, in many places in the spring flowers bloom, here the flowers are still sucking buds. After a month, new flowers begin to bloom.

Many people come here because of the scenery, the atmosphere of the blooming season is like thousands of thousands of butterflies flying from the pod to beautiful radiant. The weather was cold, the mist swirled through the fresh, fragile, brilliant blooming flowers. Peach blossom loving, sweet between the enchanting surroundings around people seem to be in a fairy place.

Blossoming at the same time with peach blossoms, plum blossoms and yellow mustard flowers is not forgotten but rather arrogant, splendid showing its own beauty. Sung La Valley - a paradise of yellow canola flowers with yellow carpets stretching across an area, the wind shaking with each wave as the waves drift.

March - April: Pơ-lang flower season

When peach blossoms and plum blossoms are about to fade, the Pơ-lang flower begins to bloom, the blooming Pơ-lang flowers in March are red in color, Pơ-lang flowers appear in many sections through the sky gate and Yen Minh district. Pơ-lang flower warmly adorn in the cold weather.

April - May: Season of farming watering

When the water season came, people went to the fields, and the terraces were crowded with people back to the field. On the fields as a festival, the laughter of everyone happy, chatting about this and the upland, sharing the cultivation experience.

Each family has several people who go to work immediately, but the field is close to each other, so it is very busy and bustling. The joy of blooming when the new season makes people work faster forget the fatigue of work.

September - October: The season of rice harvesting

What could be more wonderful than standing on high and enjoying the majestic rocky plateau picture with vast terraced fields, with majestic mountains and rivers, with people who are still poor but always keep their buds smile on the lips.

Because of its unique beauty, the rock plateau has been attracting so many tourists who always come here for their every trip.

October - December: The season of Tam Giác Mạch Flower

Normally flowers will bloom in late October, early November, depending on the time of sowing of local people. Tam Giác Mạch Flower have a life of about one month, the first flowers bloom white, then turn to a pink, purple light and finally dark red.

The time when Tam Giác Mạch flowers bloomed, it made people forget that Ha Giang is a land of mountains, hills, and rocks. Beautifully Ha Giang immersed in the world of flowers.

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Dong Van Rock Plateau Weather: What is the Best Time to Visit? Dong Van Rock Plateau Weather: What is the Best Time to Visit?

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