Dong Van Ha Giang: What is the Best Tourist Attractions to Visit?

Dong Van Ha Giang: What is the Best Tourist Attractions to Visit? The most beautiful tourist attraction in Dong Van is Dong Van ancient town, wandering in the old town to explore the culture, cuisine and traditions of the highland people, exploring this ancient forehead is the thing to do. The most interesting guests in Dong Van.

From Dong Van town, you can also easily discover other famous tourist destinations such as King Cat Palace (Dinh Thự Vua Mèo), Ma Pi Leng Pass, Happy Road, and especially the Lung Cu Flag Pole where anyone comes to Dong Van also have to check-in once.

Dong Van Ancient Street: A nearly one-kilometer long street was formed about a century ago, with typical architectural features of highlanders, the roof of yin and yang tile, stone flooring ... Highlights and The beginning of the street is the ancient market, built of stone roofing with yin and yang tile.

Dong Van Ancient Street

Dong Van Old Town has more than 40 houses of 100-300 years old, in which the house of Luong family is determined to be the oldest. On full moon nights, the entire street is lit up with red lanterns of various sizes, serving food and other cultural activities.

Dong Van Local Market: Wandering in the market of Dong Van will bring you much excitement with unique products that you hardly find anywhere else.

Dong Van Local Market

King Meo Palace: Unique building, built in the early 20th century, modeled after Chinese architecture (the Manchu period) with curves, strokes, and fine carvings.

Dinh Thự Vua Mèo

This is not only a mansion but also a fortress in the middle of the rock plateau in history. The King has an area of over 1,000 meters that has been recognized as a national architectural and artistic monument. This mansion has been restored and become a unique highlight of the tour to the Dong Van rock plateau.

Lung Cu Flagpole: The most attractive tourist attraction in Dong Van: Anyone who comes to Dong Van must check-in at least once in Lung Cu Flagpole, a tourist attraction with the sacred historical significance of the northernmost place. country.

Lung Cu Flagpole

Standing on the top of Lung Cu, you can see the surrounding majestic scenery. Lung Cu flagpole is at an average height of 1,600 meters above the sea, on the left is the Then Van valley, on the right is the source of Nho Que river starting from Yunnan China, flowing to Dong Van, Meo Vac.

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Dong Van Ha Giang: What is the Best Tourist Attractions to Visit? Dong Van Ha Giang: What is the Best Tourist Attractions to Visit?

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