Dong Van Plateau Ha Giang: What is Best Local Specialty Food?

Dong Van Plateau Ha Giang is not only a majestic scenery that fascinates people but also a culinary paradise with unique and unique delicacies.

Thang Co: The scent of cardamom, nut and lemongrass, blended with the greasy taste of meat to warm the space between the cold weather. Mong men who go to Dong Van market all hope to eat a bowl of victory, drink a few bowls of wine with friends. Mong people often bring small enamel, come to the market to buy more bowls of wine and try to invite friends to have fun.

Thang Co Dish

Thang Co - Specialties Ha Giang

Smoked Buffalo Meat (Thịt Trâu Gác Bếp): a specialty dish often found in black Thai meals. This meat dish is usually made from the meat of buffaloes and cows grazing freely in the Northwest mountainous areas. The meat will be hung in the kitchen for couple of months before served.

Trâu Gác Bếp

Smoked Buffalo Meat - Specialties Ha Giang

Dong Van Roll: In Ha Giang's cold region, people have to eat something very hot and spicy to combat the gloomy atmosphere emanating from the mountain rocks. But egg rolls, a specialty of this country's first region, are "cold dishes", served with a cup of hot, sweet bone broth.

The cup of sauce is finished, you just need to pick up a thin piece of wet dough, the inside is shown in the color of the egg yolk, immersed all in the cup of homemade water.

Bánh Cuốn Đồng Văn

Dong Van rolls - Bánh Cuốn Đồng Văn.

Young Rice Porridge: Cold winter night, wandering in Ha Giang town, looking for a corner of the shop and ordering young porridge soup. All kinds of flavors in a small bowl of porridge: the attractive aroma of glutinous rice with yellow flowers mixed with fragrant glutinous rice grown on the ground to cook, the fleshiness of the tubers is carefully simmered and the fat of the greasy pork leg stew. Aromatic leaves, spice leaves. The bowl of porridge is very attractive because of the harmonious combination between rice, minced meat, bone broth, herbs ...

Dong Van Local Food

A typical dish of porridge from Ha Giang

Com Lam Bac Me (Rice in Bamboo Tube): is one of the specialties of the same Ha Giang land. This dish has long been particularly loved by tourists and is chosen as a gift to come to the rock plateau. The dish tastes delicious, unforgettable and unforgettable when enjoying them only once.

Cơm Lam Bắc Mế

Bac Me Bamboo Rice - Cơm Lam Bắc Mế

Grilled Moss: For a long time, mosses are only considered one type of aquatic life with little effect. But for the Tay people in Xuan Giang commune, Quang Binh district, Ha Giang province, moss is considered a specialty in their cuisine. The dish is made from rock.

This is a dish that is both delicious and nutritious, and has a very unique flavor. According to the locals, when seeking moss, they often choose large moss beaches, because there are many mosses, both delicious. Fresh moss is thoroughly crushed to clean alluvial oil, which can then be processed into many dishes.

Rêu Nướng Hà Giang

Grilled moss - Specialties Ha Giang

Sticky Rice (Xôi Ngũ Sắc): The community of ethnic groups in the Northern Mountains possesses an extremely diverse and unique culinary culture. In particular, the five colors sticky rice converges the traditional values, meaning the concept of the universe, the philosophy of yin and yang and the meaning of beautiful human life.

Called five colored sticky rice because different from ordinary sticky rice, multicolored sticky rice is made up of five kinds of sticky rice with five different colors. It is red, yellow, blue, purple and white. You can easily find multicolored sticky rice at markets in Ha Giang.

Xôi Ngũ Sắc

Colorful sticky rice - Specialties Ha Giang

Thang Den: Going to Dong Van, in the middle of the winter town, where you can sit next to the fire to eat Thang Den Dish, there is warm and interesting.

Whether Thang Den Dish is delicious bowl of broth, made by a sweet mixture of sugar, greasy of coconut milk and spicy hot ginger. Can sprinkle with sesame or peanuts for added dishes. Diners often put one or two winchets in their mouths for a while, soak up the sweetness of the sugar water, the astringent taste of fresh ginger, and the bad taste of sesame seeds.

Thắng Dền Hà Giang

Thang Den Dish in Dong Van - Specialties Ha Giang.

Local Sausage: Sausage in Hà Giang has the smell of highland sunshine, the smell of kitchen smoke, the smell of ginger, alcohol, the smell of aromatic honey in a special way. The toughness of the heart, the sweetness of the lean meat, the fatness of the fat mingle and eat well. After a little more wine, the more you like it.

Ha Gaing Special Food

Local sausage - Specialties Ha Giang

Travel to Dong Van, to enjoy all the delicious dishes featured above, visitors just need to walk around 1 round of Dong Van town to find a restaurant or small food shops with specialties.

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Dong Van Plateau Ha Giang: What is Best Local Specialty Food? Dong Van Plateau Ha Giang: What is Best Local Specialty Food?

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