Historical Monument Chin Ham Prison: Hell on Earth in Hue City

Chin Ham Prison (9 Bunkers Jail Area), Known as "Hell on Earth" is located in Ngu Tay Hamlet, An Cuu Village, Thuy An Commune, Hue City. It is about 6km Southwest of the city center, at the foot of Thien Thai Mountain.

Chin Ham Prison

Called Nine Basements (Bunkers) but actually only 8 Basements (Bunkers) and 1 guard house. This is a warehouse of war weapons materials built by the French army in 1941.

Chin Ham Bunkers

Since 1954, Ngo Dinh Can used this place to isolate the Communists and some Hue people who fought against his family dictatorship that ruled by the Ngo family.

Chin Ham Monument

The tunnels are distributed on 2/3 of the hill, the tunnel's door faces the foot of the hill, the tunnel is rectangular in shape, a width of 2/3 of the length. Except for tunnel 1, which sinks deep into the ground, the remaining chambers above the surface from 1/3 to 2/3 of the height of the tunnel. The tunnel was solidly constructed with reinforced concrete, the ceiling was 0.5m thick.

Chin Ham Bunkers

These tunnels, also called tiger cages, are divided into two rows of tiger cages, each 0.9 m wide, 0.2 m long, 1.5 m high above the head is an iron grid, each tunnel has 1 small vents.

Ngo Dinh Can

According to the Decision No. 2015VH-QD dated February 26, 1993, Chin Ham and the villa of Ngo Dinh Can (1 km away - He was Brother of South Vietnam President: Ngo Dinh Diem) was recognized by the Vietnamese State as a historical monument to show the evedence of crimes in Chin Ham area and Ngo Dinh Can's house.

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Historical Monument Chin Ham Prison: Hell on Earth in Hue City Historical Monument Chin Ham Prison: Hell on Earth in Hue City

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