Ninh Binh Vietnam Travel Guide: Things You Need to Know

Ninh Binh is located in the Red River Delta region, formerly the capital of Vietnam in the period 968–1010 with 3 dynasties Dinh, Tien Le, and Tien Ly and was also an important military area through historical periods. With a special location in terms of traffic, topography, cultural history and owning two areas as world heritage and world biosphere reserve, Ninh Binh is now one of the best tourist destination in Northen Vietnam with nickname “Halong Bay in Land”.

Ninh Binh Vietnam

How to get to Ninh Bình? Distance Ninh Bình to/from Hanoi Capital City is about 86 km, about 400km to/from Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, about 580km to/from Hue city. The best ways to get to Ninh Bình from Hanoi / Phong Nha / Hue are on the Car, Sleeping Bus or even by Railway Train.

History of Ninh Binh Province:

Ancient Ninh Binh along with a part of Thanh Hoa belonged to the army of Quan Ninh, Van Lang country (7th century BC - 258 BC). Towards the end of the Hung Kings period, the Quan Ninh ministry was completely merged into the Cuu Chan order.

Ninh Binh What to Do

During the first Northern colonial period, the area of the old Quan Ninh department after merging with Cuu Chan was divided into 2 districts of Cuu Chan district, Vo Bien and Vo Cong. Vo Bien district is now Vinh Loc district, a part of Cam Thuy district, Thach Thanh district and Bim Son town, Ha Trung district, the headquarters is located in the Ho Dynasty citadel. Vo Cong or Vo Thiet district corresponds to Gia Vien, Nho Quan, Yen Khanh, Hoa Lu districts, in other words, almost the entire Ninh Binh province today (except for Kim Son district, which was newly reclaimed under the Nguyen Dynasty). During the Han period, Ninh Binh belonged to Giao Chi district, during the Dong Ngo period, it later belonged to Giao Chau, and under Luong, it was Truong Yen.

Things to Do in Ninh Binh

In 968, King Dinh Tien Hoang finished the rebellion and took the throne as the emperor, stationed the capital in Hoa Lu and changed the name Truong Chau to Truong An.

In the first year of Thuan Thien (1010), Ly Thai To moved the capital to Thang Long, and Ninh Binh was located in Truong An palace. But at the end of the Ly dynasty, it was sometimes called Dai Hoang Giang Chau.

At the beginning of the Tran dynasty, it was changed to Truong Yen road. During the reign of Tran Thuan Tong, in Quang Thang 10 (1397), Truong Yen town was changed to Thien Quan town.

During the Ming period, it regained its old name, Chau Truong Yen, belonging to Kien Binh government.

Ninh Binh Weather

During the reign of Le Thai To, it was called a town. In the 10th year of Quang Thuan (1469), Le Thanh Tong's reign set the map of the whole country, dividing Truong Yen town into two palaces, Truong Yen and Thien Quan, directly under Thanh Hoa province. During the Le Trung Hung period, it was called Thanh Hoa foreign town.

During the Tay Son and early Nguyen dynasties, it was still called Thanh Hoa suburban town, consisting of 2 palaces: Truong Yen government (later changed to Yen Khanh) including 3 districts: Yen Khang (later changed to Yen Khanh), Yen Mo, Gia Vien, and government. Thien Quan (later renamed Nho Quan) includes 3 districts: Yen Hoa, Phung Hoa, Lac Tho (later changed to Lac Yen).

In Gia Long 5 (1806), Thanh Hoa was changed from the outer town to Thanh Binh. In the year Minh Menh 3 (1822) changed to Ninh Binh.

Ninh Binh Climate and Weather Forecast:

Ninh Binh City lies on a “Humid subtropical, dry winter” climate and weather. The highest temperature is about 35.1°C (95.18°F) and the lowest is about 15.7°C (60.26°F), with an average yearly temperature of about 25.0°C (77.0°F). Annual rainfall averages nearly 317.9 millimetres (12.52 inches).

Historical Monthly Average Climate & Weather Conditions in Ninh Binh.

Months High / Low (OC) Rain Falls


20.4° / 15.7°

1.8 days


22.5° / 17.2°

1.4 days


25.4° / 19.7°

1.7 days


29.3° / 22.0°

3.5 days


33.4° / 25.6°

7.5 days


35.1° / 27.7°

7.5 days


33.7° / 27.3°

10.4 days


32.2° / 26.2°

11.1 days


31.4° / 25.2°

9.5 days


28.8° / 22.6°

6.9 days


26.3° / 20.6°

3.0 days


21.8° / 16.4°

0.8 days


Best Time to Visit Ninh Binh Vietnam:

Climate in Ninh Binh has 4 distintive seasons with Spring, Summer, Autumm and Winter. So the best time to visit Ninh Binh is during May and July in the warm weather, which offer you the chance to admire the natural beauty of this place. Apart from the harvest season with the beautiful golden paddle fields, another advantage of visiting Ninh Binh in June is that you can see lotus in Tam Coc - Bich Dong.

Adventure Journey

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