English to Vietnamese: Best Software and Translation App

English to Vietnamese - Best Software and Translation App: If you are looking for a simple, effective and completely free English to Vietnamese Translation App and Software on your computer. The following article will summarize the best and most effective English to Vietnamese translation software and app for your convenience when Traveling to Vietnam.

1. Google Translate: Google Translate is a free language translation software with many features such as instant translation, multi-language support, automatic language detection. This is also an English translation app with pictures, used as a professional and effective translation tool.


You can look up the meaning of a word, sentence or a large piece of text in just a moment. This is really a useful software to help users understand the content when accessing websites with strange languages or translating documents from many different languages.

Some outstanding features of Google Pageslate:

  • Translate at fast speed.
  • Supports translation of many different languages.
  • Use without having to use a browser.
  • Download languages for offline use when you don't have an internet connection.
  • Universal on all platforms, providing website interface, mobile application for Android and iOS

2. Microsoft Translator: Microsoft Translator is a multi-language automatic translation software used by many people, supporting Vietnamese translation into many other languages with fast speed. Microsoft has also integrated its translation system and other applications such as Microsort Office, supporting conversational translation so that users can translate everywhere: text, images, voice...


Some outstanding features of Microsoft Translator:

  • Translate text into more than 60 languages, for online and offline use.
  • Voice translation for speech translation and split screen mode for two bilingual chat participants.
  • Translate multiplayer conversations – connect your device and chat live with up to 100 people across multiple languages.
  • Download languages for offline use when you don't have an internet connection.
  • Share your translations with other apps.
  • Universal on all platforms, providing website interface, mobile application for Android and iOS.

3. Oxford Dictionary: Oxford Dictionary is known as a reputable and highly accurate English translation tool, supporting effective English learning through a diverse and rich English-English dictionary store of words, meanings as well as phrases. from simple to advanced. Using Oxford Dictionary, you will have for yourself extensive features of the words to look up including information about secondary meanings, slang words, idioms, ...


Some outstanding features of Oxford Dictionary:

  • The latest vocabulary, with over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings.
  • Thousands of words and sentences derived from the latest Oxford English Corpus research.
  • 75,000 audio pronunciations of both common and rare words, including words with variant and argument pronunciations.
  • Autocomplete search helps find words quickly by showing predictions as you type.
  • Keyword Lookup allows you to search in compound words and phrases.
  • Offline mode – look up words without internet connection.

4. VIKI Translator: VIKI Translator is a completely free and easy to use translation utility that helps you to translate English to Vietnamese of a word, phrase or long text simply with one click. VIKI Translator also develops a new feature that is an advanced text translation feature, which allows you to translate a long text on a doc file and keep the format (including font size, font, alignment, etc.) box…).


Some outstanding features of VIKI Translator:

  • Save the translation while keeping the original formatting of the text.
  • Translate text, words and phrases from English to Vietnamese, Vietnamese to English.
  • Translate sentences based on context.
  • Find meaning and definition of words with examples, synonyms, English pronunciation - Vietnamese dictionary.
  • Support on many platforms such as Android, website, Windows computer and Chrome browser.

5. Cambridge Dictionary: Cambridge Dictionary is the first famous dictionary with an English - Vietnamese dictionary. The world famous mainstream dictionaries such as Oxford, Cambridge, and MacMillan do not have English - Vietnamese dictionary versions. Cambridge is the first dictionary that has an official version, is the official dictionary and is trusted by academia (language researchers, experts, teachers) so you can be assured of its accuracy. when translating.


Some outstanding features of Cambridge Dictionary:

  • Provide both pronunciation, correct pronunciation of words, according to both English - British, British - American.
  • Provide the type of word, the nature of the word, whether it is a word used in a formal or informal context.
  • Only supported with website platform.

6. English to Vietnamese Translation: English to Vietnamese translation is a software translator from English to Vietnamese that has many great features that you cannot ignore. Leveraging the power of Internet-based language translation technologies, allowing you to easily and quickly translate web pages, letters, chats, and emails between English and Vietnamese accurately.


Some outstanding features of English to Vietnamese translation:

  • Support translation from English to Vietnamese and vice versa, 100% Unicode compatible.
  • Ability to translate long paragraphs from Vietnamese to English.
  • The translation quality is quite good, the translation software is quite fast, accurate and complete with the content of the input data.
  • Translate words literally, translate words in context.

7. Qtranslate: QTranslate allows copying or typing text directly on the software window for translation and conversion. This software supports translation for many different browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Skype,... You can also look up online dictionaries, replace text with translations, check for errors. spelling to return the most accurate translation results.


Some outstanding features of QTranslate:

  • Light capacity, and 100% free for users.
  • The translation process is quick and efficient.
  • After the installation is complete, the program will automatically integrate into the web browsers available on your computer.
  • Look up online dictionary.
  • Replace text with translation.
  • Fast and accurate translation.
  • Check spelling errors.
  • Convert text to audio.

8. Babylon 10 Premium Pro: Babylon 10 Premium Pro is a simple, powerful language and dictionary translation software that allows you to translate words and documents easily, providing the fastest and easiest way to translate different languages easily. Exactly. Additionally, Babylon 10 Premium Pro also gives you high marks for translation accuracy and the ability to work from within your documents or selected desktop applications.


Some outstanding features of Babylon 10 Premium Pro:

  • Advanced grammar and spelling checker
  • Build translation memory dictionary
  • Can automatically recognize the language
  • Simple, intuitive and very easy to use
  • Support voice recognition technology
  • Deliver results with human-translated translations
  • Supports dozens of popular languages
  • Supports text-to-speech and OCR translation
  • Accurately translate words and documents

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