Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue Vietnam: Things You Need to Know

Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue is known as one of the oldest temples with great contributions to Vietnamese Buddhism. Every year, there are many congresses, conferences and Buddhist festivals held here.

  • Location: No 1, Su Lieu Quan, Truong An, Hue City, Vietnam
  • Opening Hours: From 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM Everyday
  • Dress Code: Decent Cloths to cover your shoulders & knees
  • Entrance Fee: Free of Charge

Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue has experienced many ups and downs of history, bringing in its dignified ancient features. Let's discover the history of formation and unique ancient architecture of Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue in the following article!

History of Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue Vietnam:

The history of Tu Dam pagoda dates back to the 1600s. Initially, the pagoda was named An Ton Tu, which was given its name by a Zen master named Minh Hoang Tu Dung from China - the first person who founded Hoang Long. Then nearly 200 years later, the temple was changed to a new name, Tu Dam Tu.

Later, in the 30s of the 20th century, this temple was ceded to An Nam Buddha to study and renovate the architecture. Up to now, Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue is known as one of the famous places where many monks and nuns, Buddhists of all genders in Vietnam come to study and live. Tu Dam Pagoda is also one of the famous Buddhist temples visited by many tourists during their Hue tour.

Discover the architecture of Tu Dam pagoda in Hue:

Tu Dam Pagoda is ancient and simple, located in a large and airy campus. Visiting Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue, you will feel your mind is at peace, entering the temple gate are rows of shady trees. The air at the temple is fresh and cool, so many worries and worries are shaken away. Let's explore the beautiful impressive architecture of this ancient temple right here!

  • Triple Gate:

When walking to the gate of the temple, right in front of your eyes is the ancient three-door gate full of historical imprints. Since ancient times, the Tam Quan gate is known as one of the cultural features of great significance to the Vietnamese people.

Tu Dam Pagoda

The structure of the three-way gate of Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue includes 3 entrances. The middle door is larger than the other two. The gate post is made of solid stone, roofed above. At the largest gate is engraved the name of the temple. According to the ancient concept, the three gates of the three gates will be the concept of "three liberation doors". When people really understand the meaning of these three doors, they can get rid of the anger, hatred and suffering of life to find peace in life.

Going inside the three-door gate, on the right side will be an ancient Bodhi tree with a lifespan of hundreds of years. The trunk of the tree is very big, three to four people can't hold it, the foliage of the tree is wide, casting its shadow on the temple yard. This Bodhi tree symbolizes the vitality of Buddhism in each of us - this symbol has the unique characteristics of Tu Dam Pagoda which is preserved to this day.

  • Tu Dam pagoda campus:

Entering the campus of Tu Dam pagoda, visitors will admire the whole dignified pagoda scene. The temple courtyard is paved with flat and clean stone, with many wide shade trees to create a feeling of comfort, coolness and relaxation.

Tu Dam Pagoda Hue

The structure of the pagoda includes: the front hall, the main hall, the ancestral house, the An Ton tower and the souvenir room.

  • Front Hall:

The front yard of Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue was built on the ground about 1.5m higher than other areas. The roof of the pagoda has a tall, ancient architecture with the image of artistically symmetrical pairs of dragons. At the bottom of this roof are Buddha statues placed on high stone pedestals. The pillars of the forecourt are intricately carved long couplets.

Tu Dam Pagoda Hue Vietnam

On both sides of the street are two drum bell floors designed in harmony with the whole. Going inside the front hall, you will immediately see a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha sitting on a lotus, holding a hand seal.

  • Main hall, ancestral house:

At Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue, the main hall is designed and decorated very simply but still exudes majesty. Inside this area is a statue of Buddha Shakyamuni on a lotus platform, handshakes with the two sides are the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra and Manjushri.

Where is Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue and How to Get There?

Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue is one of the famous pagodas, located in Truong An ward, City. Hue. This ancient temple is located on a flat piece of land, surrounded by Kim Phung mountain and many other famous temples and churches.

Admission to the temple is completely FREE, the opening time of the temple is from 6:00 to 21:00 daily, so please visit the temple during this time frame!

Although Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue is not the oldest pagoda in Vietnam today, it plays a very important role in preserving peace and freedom of religious belief in history. If you are looking for an attractive Hue tourist destination, finding peace and quiet in your soul, then Tu Dam Hue Pagoda will be one of the perfect suggestions not to be missed.

Tu Dam Hue Pagoda is only 3km from the city center, so it will not take you too long to move to the temple, you can refer to the means such as:

  • Bus: Take bus route 05 to get to the temple. Note that you should carefully ask the assistant to get off at the right point, avoid going too far.
  • If you take a private vehicle, there will be 2 routes to move: From the city center, you move along Hanoi road, turn right to Le Loi and go straight to Dien Bien Phu street. Then turn right onto Su Lieu Quan Street, continue about 500m to the temple. Another route suggestion for you is to go along Ngo Quyen Street, go to Phan Boi Chau Street and turn right on Su Lieu Quan Street.
  • Rent motorbikes, taxis, motorbike taxis: In Hue, there are many technology motorbike taxi drivers. From the starting point, you can order any vehicle and say you want to go to Tu Dam Pagoda! In addition, you can also rent a motorbike to conveniently move and admire the beautiful Hue city.

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Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue Vietnam: Things You Need to Know Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue Vietnam: Things You Need to Know

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