Silver Waterfall and How to Get to Thác Bạc in Sapa Vietnam

Silver Waterfall (Vietnamese: Thác Bạc) is one of the best Tourist Attractions in Sapa, that is attracting thousands of domestic and international visitors. Originating from an admirable height, the silver water of the waterfall strongly flows down the cliff, splashing and growling, creating magnificent waves with white foams and refreshing vibe. Not matter which season of the year, Thac Bac Waterfall always attracts travelers to stop by.

  • Location: 4D Highway, San Sa Ho Commune, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province
  • Entrance Fee: 20.000 VND / person / ticket
  • Distace from Sapa Town: 14 km
  • Height: More than 200 meters


1. Information of Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall) in Sapa Vietnam

Thác Bạc Falls is located about 14 kilometers distance from the center of Sapa, making it rather quieter and more peaceful. Although it may take a bit of times to get to the waterfall; however, at the end of the journey, you will find out that worth a trip.

Another interesting fact about Thac Bac waterfall is that the falls is located on the height of 1,800 meters, under O Quy Ho Pass. With such an impressive position, from the top of Ham Rong Mountain which lies near the center of Sapa, one can clearly see Silver Waterfall.


Why is it called “Thac Bac”? In Vietnamese name, “Thác” means “Waterfall” and “Bac” means “silver”, that is why the Waterfall also has another name, which is “Silver Waterfall”. It is because the water here is very strong, therefore when it flows strongly toward the bottom, it creates a brilliant white strip of water, striking and outstanding on the rocky cliff. Therefore, local people start to call it “Thac Bac”, or “Silver Waterfall” in English.

When the water hits the small lake under the Waterfall, it splashes and makes stunning white foams. On sunny days, the whole waterfall seems to shine dazzlingly and brightly. Most people can even see the Waterfall from afar thanks to that. It is no wonder that this destination earns itself such an impressive name.


Being located near the foot of O Quy Ho Pass which is 1,800 meters from the sea level, Thac Bac Waterfall is one of the coldest places in Vietnam during winter. When the temperature starts to drop, fogs and mists are ready to cover nearly half the upper part of the Waterfall. The water also turns extremely cold, just like ice that causes goosebumps to everyone who stops by.

Thac Bac Waterfall has a height of more than 200 meters, which is partly why the water here flows so strong and fierce. It makes people have to crane their necks and squint their eyes to see the top of the Waterfall, therefore creates a thrilling and exciting feeling to everyone who wants to conquer the destination.


Due to the impressive height, conquering the Waterfall will take quite some time and strength. Nowadays, there had been a system of stairs being built in the Waterfall so visitors can actually climb up and admire the whole Waterfall from above.

The majestic appearance of the Thac Bac Waterfall, with white stunning water flow and the unspoiled jungle which covers around, plus lying in the middle of the wide highway, visitors will find the place so wild and untouched. Standing under the Waterfall, surrounded by the never-ending rows of trees, under the bright blue sky, we will suddenly feel so small compared to nature.


If you are starting to feel suffocated and overwhelmed when staying in the busy and crowded city, coming to Thac Bac Waterfall, you will feel extremely refreshed, relax and healthy. The clean atmosphere and the quiet, calming vibes of nature will do nothing but heal you, both mentally and physically. This is why most visitors who come to Sapa can’t seem to leave Thac Bac Waterfall out of their itinerary.

2. What to Do and Best Things to See in Silver Waterfall?

- Hike and Trek to Discover Thac Bac Waterfall and Enjoy Scenery: To make the trip easier for visitors, two staircases had been built on each side of Thac Bac Waterfall, one is the way up while the other is the way down. Standing on the rocky stairwells, not only you can have a closer look at the Waterfall but also get to see the breathtaking, magnificent view of the whole Sapa town around. In the Waterfall, there are also plenty of corners to snap wonderful photos, so don’t let this chance slip away.


- Discover the Local Salmon Farm: The salmon breeding center of Sapa is located at the foot of the slope that leads to Thac Bac Waterfall. The salmons here are raised carefully with international standards. The products from this center are made by strict processes. Each year, the center publishes tons of salmon products to serve the need of people.


- Visiting at O Quy Ho Pass: From Thac Bac Waterfall, you only have to travel a small distance to reach O Quy Ho Pass. The Pass belongs to Hoang Lien Son mountain range, lies on the border between Lao Cai and Lai Chau Province. Located on the height of 2000 meters above the sea level, O Quy Ho is the longest and most stunning pass in Vietnam, with the magnificent landscapes of giant mountains and deep valleys.


- Visiting Trạm Tôn Station & Heaven Gate: This is another tourist attraction near Thac Bac Waterfall. From the Waterfall, you can head straight toward the direction of Lai Chau Province for a few moments before reaching the station. The nature sceneries here are absolutely stunning, so this is another famous hang out destination for backpackers and travelers.


- Explore Love Waterfall: Another impressive waterfall in Sapa Town is Love Waterfall, located near O Quy Ho Pass. While Thac Bac Waterfall is strong and majestic, the Love Waterfall is somewhat calmer, quieter and slower. This is a famous place for couples as well.


- Enjoy Beautiful Muong Hoa River: with a length of 15 kilometers and lies across Muong Hoa valley, Muong Hoa River really has the simple elegant and beautifull scenery of the Northern countryside of Vietnam. The lovely beauty of the river is enough to charm even the grumpiest person.

3. What Food to Eat around Thac Bac Waterfall?

- Local Baked Eggs and Grilled Vegetables: Baked egg is a specialty that only available in high mountainous areas of Vietnam, such as Sapa. Not only cheap and easy to eat, but baked egg also has a distinguished flavor that resembles perfectly the refreshing and cool atmosphere of the highlands. The eggs are baked at 50 70-degree Celcius, therefore, they have a rich and charming flavor. Baked egg is the most delicious during winter, the warm dish will surely leave you with a deep and wonderful impression. Aside from meat, you can also find other grilled dishes such as sausage, chopped fish and mushroom as well.


- Grilled Rice in Bamboo Pipe (Cơm Lam) & Meat Skewers: Sapa Town is well-known for its delicious grilled dishes of Cơm Lam and BBQ Skewers. The locals often cut meat, usually forest birds and porks, into small pieces and then grill them with skewers. The unique flavor of the mountainous meat, plus the slightly burnt smell of charcoal and the local’s spices are what make those dishes so popular. The weather in Sapa is usually cold so enjoying a hot dish of grilled meat is really suitable and delicious.


3. Best Time to visit Silver Waterfall in Sapa Vietnam:

Summer is an ideal time for tourists to enjoy the cool water and scenery of the waterfall. The heavy rain during this time will empower the beauty of falling water, the sunlight is illuminating into the water flow making it shining like the silver on the waterfall. Autumn is also great to visit this waterfall. Winter is a special occasion to check in the Silver Waterfall. When the winter comes, many tourists come to see the snowfall as this is one of the thickest snowfall places in Sapa.

4. How to Get to Silver Waterfall in Sapa, Vietnam?

If you are traveling in a group of friends or family, you can hire a private car or metered taxi to get there. The price for the trip is from around 600.000 VND per day, depending on your starting points. Also, Silver waterfall is not really far away from Sapa town, so you can still rent a motorbike to get there. The waterfall is nestled next to the national road 4D on the border of Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces, so you can easily find the way to get there. The rental fee is from 80.000 VND to 120.000 VND per day, depending on the types of motorbike. The roads in Sapa aren’t really in the greatest condition, with potholes and ditches in some areas, so just take it easy and you will be safe.

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