Phở Cuốn Hà Nội: Recipe of Another Version of Pho

Phở Cuốn Hà Nội or Hanoi Rice Paper Roll (Vietnamese: Gỏi Cuốn) is another verson of Pho or Fresh Spring Rolls. It is not the usual noodle soup with beef / chicken. Some other places in Vietnam may have Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Rolls), made from rice paper and wrapped inside with many ingredients. In Hanoi, local usually call that Phở Cuốn, while in other places in Vietnam prople call Goi Cuon.

Phở Cuốn

The only difference between Phở Cuốn and Gỏi Cuốn is the type of rice paper people use to roll the ingredients inside. For Phở Cuốn Hanoi, people uses fresh, wet and thick rice paper, while Goi Cuon people use dried rice paper and even for some types of dried rice paper, you need to wet them before rolling. With this article, we would like to share a new way to make Rice Paper Rolled with Pork / Beef / Fried Shrimp and fresh vegetable.

Recipe of How to Cook Phở Cuốn Hà Nội:

- Ingredients for Pork Noodle Soup (for 4 people):

  • Square noodle soup 200 gr
  • Lean pork shoulder 300 gr
  • 120 gr . silk roll
  • Horny chili 20 gr
  • Lemon 20 gr
  • Carrot 100 gr
  • Cucumber 100 gr
  • Garlic 10 gr Chili 10 gr
  • Garlic powder 10 gr
  • Onion powder 10 gr
  • Pepper 5 gr
  • Sugar 45 gr
  • Lettuce 100 gr
  • Coriander 50 gr
  • Soup powder 10 gr
  • Cooking oil 200 ml
  • Fish sauce 50 ml

- How to make Pho Rolled with Pork:

  • Pork processing

Purchased pork is washed with granulated salt and rinsed with clean water. Then, lightly blanch with crushed purple onion (or ginger), or lightly blanch with boiling water mixed with a little white wine to eliminate odors.

Put the meat in a large bowl and add 10g of onion powder, 10g of garlic powder, 10gr of soup powder, 5gr of pepper, mix well and marinate for 30 minutes for the spices to penetrate.

  •  Prepare other Ingredients:

Peel the carrots and wash them. Wash cucumber, cut off the head and tail. Then you cut carrots, cucumbers into fibers with a thickness of 0.2cm.

Cut the stalks, heads, and seeds of the chili peppers and chop finely. Minced garlic and chili. Thinly sliced spring rolls to eat. Lettuce, coriander washed, cut the root.

  • Fry and sliced Pork:

After 30 minutes, you put 200ml of oil into the pan, when the oil is hot, add the pork and fry the meat until soft and golden on medium heat.

When frying is complete, take out the meat, let it cool for about 5 minutes and then start cutting the meat into bite-sized slices.

  • Make dipping sauce

You add 45g of sugar, 1 slice of lemon to 50ml of fish sauce and stir well. Add minced garlic and chili and stir to combine.

  • Wrap and Roll:

You put a piece of pho on a cutting board, add lettuce, coriander, carrot, cucumber, chili pepper, pork, and sausage on top and then gently roll the pho.

  • Finished Product:

Delicious and refreshing pho roll with a variety of raw vegetables and tender, flavorful pork. Dipping with sweet and sour sauce will make the dish much more delicious.

The 10 Best Aithentic Local Restaurants in Hanoi to Try Phở Cuốn:

1. Phở cuốn Hương Sơn Ba Đình

  • Address: 19 Ngũ Xã – Trúc Bạch – Ba Đình – Hanoi

2. Phở cuốn Thanh Hằng Hanoi

  • Address: 29B Ngũ Xã, Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hanoi

3. Phở cuốn Ngũ Xã – Duy Tân

  • Address: 66 Duy Tân, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi

4. Phở cuốn 31

  • Address: 31 Ngũ Xã, P. Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hanoi

5. Phở cuốn Vinh Phong

  • Address: 40 Ngũ Xã, Ba Đình, Hanoi

6. Phở cuốn Hương Mai

  • Address: Số 25 Ngũ Xã, Hanoi, Việt Nam

7. Phở cuốn Hưng Bền

  • Address: 33 Ngũ Xã, Ba Đình, Hanoi

8. Phở cuốn Duy Mập Ba Đình

  • Address: 79 Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hanoi

9. Phở cuốn Hoa Lan

  • Address: 24 Trần Hưng Đạo, Phan Chu Trinh, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

10. Phở cuốn Nguyễn Lê

  • Address: 8BE4 Ngõ 1A Tôn Thất Tùng,  Đống Đa, Hanoi

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Phở Cuốn Hà Nội: Recipe of Another Version of Pho Phở Cuốn Hà Nội: Recipe of Another Version of Pho
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