Many Luxury Apartments in Ho Chi Minh Have Been Blockaded

On March 22, Masteri Thao Dien Management (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) said that this place had blocked block B of T4 building since last night. The blockade was made because there were residents here in close contact with the 91st patient positive for Covid-19.

Thao Dien Masteri

Block B of T4 building of Masteri Thao Dien Apartment has been sealed since the night of March 21.

As noted by on the morning of March 22, the entrance and exit at Block A of Central 2 (C2) of Vinhomes Central Park urban area (Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City) erected barriers to control people pass-by. Functional forces said the blockade had been carried out since last night. Health workers are disinfecting inside C2 buildings and surrounding areas.

In the blockade area, the security forces of the urban area will be arranged in large numbers. Motorbike drivers and people nearby stopping here are reminded to wear a mask and restrict access to the area.

On the evening of March 21, the Management Board of Vinhomes Central Park issued a notice to residents about the high-risk case of Covid-19 living there. Accordingly, the entire family is isolated and concentrated.

Residents living on the same floor with this person are subject to the home isolation measure for 14 days. All people living in Area A of the above building will not leave their residence until further notice.

Masteri Thao Dien

Central 2 Tower (C2) was blockaded from March 22.

In the morning of the same day, the leader of the People's Committee of Ward 1 (District 4, Ho Chi Minh City) said that the locality had blockaded the entire A1 Gold View apartment complex because 2 residents living there contacted the 91st patient positive for Covid-19.

Since March 19, two other condominiums in Ho Chi Minh City, M-One South Saigon (Tan Kieng, District 7) and The Ascent (Thao Dien, District 2), have been blockaded due to Covid-positive residents-19.

On the afternoon of March 21, the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control issued an urgent notice urging visitors to Buddha bar (No. 7, Thao Dien Street, District 2) within the past 14 days to promptly contact the See your local health authority for health checks and infection prevention instructions.

According to Truong Thanh Trung, Chief Medical Officer of District 2, patient 91 was an English pilot who had visited the bar with his friends before being found positive for Covid-19. The two of them went to this bar with patient 91 who was at high risk of Covid-19 infection.

The authorities of Thao Dien ward and district 2 have extracted images from the camera of the bar to see who is in close contact with these 3 people to isolate and collect samples for testing.

By 12pm on March 22, Ho Chi Minh City had 21 cases of Covid-19, 3 cases have recovered and discharged from the hospital.

On March 21, Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control (HCDC) has issued an emergency notice to those who have been to Buddha Bar (Thao Dien Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) within the past 14 days. In Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces, immediately contact the nearest local health authority for health check and infection prevention instruction.

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Many Luxury Apartments in Ho Chi Minh Have Been Blockaded Many Luxury Apartments in Ho Chi Minh Have Been Blockaded
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