Hon Chong Beach in Nha Trang Vietnam: All You Need to Know

If you visit to Nha Trang, you will hear of Hon Chong Promontory (Husband Island) since this small island is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in this beach city. Coming to Hon Chang Island, you will separate yourself from the hustling atmosphere of urban daily life. So this place is rendezvous for nature lovers all around the world.

Hon Chong Beach Nha Trang

Where is Hon Chong’s location?

Hon Chong is located about 3 kilometers away from the city center, this is a huge complication of rocks in various sizes and shapes stacked together. And of course, if there is an island called Hon Chong (Husband Island), there will be another Wife Island located nearby.

How to get to Hon Chong Promontory?

Hon Chong promontory remains raw and untouched since its tourism just grow recently. Also in the past, Hon Chong Promontory could only be reached by overcoming steep hills. But now, the path leading to Hon Chong Promontory is incredibly dreamy with golden sands stretching wide and far on one side and meticulous, beautiful architectural works on the others. You have two main options of transportation to get there:

  • By bus: It takes 2 hours from Rach Gia’s central bus station to reach to Hon Chong. However, the local bus is quite irregular, so we recommend you choose a private car with tour guide
  • By motorbike: The road leading to Hon Chong is still a little bit dreadful, but the view is worth the trip. However we don’t recommend using it if you travel with old people or kids

What is local legend about Hon Chong?

There are countless myths about Hon chong island, yet two among those are the most popular and famous. In the first version, Hon Chong is a drunken giant male fairy who was turned into a stone while peeking a female fairy having bath nude at a nearby beach (Fairy Beach).

Another famous local version tells a totally different story, in which a local fisherman catching a giant fish, but the fish pulled him away to the sea and he had to grab onto the rocks then turned into Hon Chong. Today you can still see 5-fingerprint of a huge hand on a wide stone of the highest cliff on Hon Chong Island.

What is the Best Things to Do in Hon Chong?

As tourism blooms, this island is now a home to various water sports such as swimming, rock climbing, hiking, or catch the sunrise and sunset. The most famous tourist attractions here are:

1. Hang Cave Pagoda:

This is also called Chua Hai Son (Hai Son pagoda), this religious tourist site is a pagoda inside a marvelous grotto. Coming here, you will have chance to see many Buddhist statues.

2. Father & Son Islet:

These two rocks used to be the father islet and the son islet, but the Son Islet unfortunately became orphan since the father islet collapsed in 2006. Local people believe that these 2 rocks used to be a couple of a father and a son, who sacrificed themselves to kill a monster living under the sea.

3. Duong Beach:

Known as one of the unique Nha Trang attractions, Hon Chong is home to many beautiful sandy beaches. Apart from the very crystal clear water of Duong beach, you will have chance to enjoy various local seafood specialties.

One last thing about Hon Chong Promontory in Nha Trang is, this place is a perfect place for sunrise and sunset catching. Nature here is so pristine you will feel how surreal it is to watch a new day starting right in front of you.

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Hon Chong Beach in Nha Trang Vietnam: All You Need to Know Hon Chong Beach in Nha Trang Vietnam: All You Need to Know

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