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15 years have passed since the early days of hardship, with a small number of members, Hanoikids has grown and grown more and more through the hands and enthusiasm of more than 300 children.

15 years have passed but the enthusiasm is still intact, this August, Hanoikids look for new torches to spread fire and continue to nurture the club to grow stronger and more sustainable.

1. About Hanoikids Voluntary English Club:

Hanoikids Voluntary English Club (English name is Hanoikids Voluntary English Club) is a student-founded and managed club, established in May 2006 in Hanoi with the aim of creating an environment for learning. English is new and effective for Hanoi students through volunteer tour guides for foreign tourists. As a companion of the slogan "Be a little ambassador of Hanoi", Hanoikids members helped visitors to immerse themselves in the normal lives of the local people. , discover Hanoi in the most intimate and honest view.

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In addition to continuing to implement the current tour guides, the club also sets out the orientation to organize more other cultural activities aimed at students. Through these activities, Hanoikids hopes to be able to contribute to changing the perception of young people about understanding and preserving the media values of the nation, thus having a solid fulcrum before Becoming a dynamic, creative, enthusiastic and committed global citizen, devoted to a more beautiful Vietnam in the heart of international friends.

2. Hanoikid Club activities:

The main activity of Hanoikids is to accompany international tourists to Hanoi, guide them to visit the outstanding tourist attractions of the capital, and introduce those friends to the hidden beauty of culture. and Vietnamese traditions. With the criteria of volunteering and giving their best, the club members introduced themselves as travelmate (a companion), as a hospitable host welcoming friends from all over the world to visit Hanoi. These small owners are willing to roam with their guests through the corners of Hanoi, stopping at a small interesting thing on the roadside to proudly share about a very Vietnamese feature or simply be hard to hunt. Collect and collect unique street food stalls to satisfy the wishes of the people you always want to explore.

The spirit of volunteering and cultural orientation of the club is expressed not only through tour guides but also in many other cultural and exchange activities organized and conceived by the club members themselves. Indispensable are competitions to improve cultural knowledge for members called Pro-Travelmate and Treasure Hunting. In addition, the City Tour special project has helped new students get acquainted with Hanoi in a unique way through the introduction of club members.

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To enhance the exchange between students, the club not only constantly welcomes and guides tours for local and international students and teachers (typically Vietnam-UK international schools BVIS, universities). RMIT), international delegations attending summer camps and seminars that also actively cooperated with other English English clubs in Hanoi by co-organizing exchanges and exchanges. believe. The close and close relationship enables members of the two sides to exchange knowledge and co-organize events for the community.

Culture for the community is interested in and expressed through a number of charitable activities such as Run For Children (Running for Children) or visits to SOS Children's Villages to give the children little joy. and have more faith in life through gifts, games and stories.

In addition, the club culture is promoted to engage members with annual fun activities such as Spring and Summer Trip, Hanoikids Birthday Party, Olymkids and Career Orientation. Through this, we aim to create an environment for individuals to develop and expand friendships from different universities, find the ones that interest them the most, and develop skills. necessary.

3. Some achievements of the club:

Through 15 years of operation and non-stop effort, Hanoikids is proud to achieve results and achievements worthy of the efforts and efforts of many generations. Currently Hanoikids has expanded to more than 500 members, including more than 150 permanent members involved in tour and club development activities. Step by step the operating mechanism of the club is becoming more and more complete and effective with 6 divisions and 1 project in charge of different areas. The basic and advanced training courses for each member help to improve the quality of tours, making travel partners more and more trusted through the proof that more than 7,000 tours have been done well. much sympathy and admiration in the hearts of international friends.

Since then Hanoikids has been trusted by the Australian and US Embassies when it comes to the responsibility of accompanying many senior representatives such as the Australian Prime Minister - Ms. Hon Julia Gillard MP (2010), Australian Foreign Minister - Mr. Hon Bob Carr (2012), United States Trade Representative - Mr. Ron Kirk (2012), US Secretary of Finance - Mr. Jack Lew (2013) and most recently, President of the US Senate - TNS Patrick Leahy (April 2014) during their visits to Hanoi. In 2013 and 2014, Hanoikids also guided the visit to the Ambassadors, members of the Embassy, and MPs in diplomatic missions operating in Hanoi.

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Especially, 2014 is the third time that the famous travel website Tripadvisor has granted the Certificate of Excellence, ranked first in the list of "Things to experience when coming to Hanoi". Besides, Hanoikids has been repeatedly reported by the national television channel as many times appearing on VTV1, VTV3, VTV4, VTV6, VTC1, TTXVN, or prestigious print and electronic newspapers such as People, Youth, Pioneer, VnExpress. The major international news agencies such as CNN, Telegraph also mentioned Hanoikids as an indispensable thing for tourists when coming to Hanoi. Along with that, many positive feedback from visitors after each trip with Hanoikids is published in many foreign newspapers (such as the British Wanderlust, OTEC of the US), travel diary pages and many books. and other travel guides.

All of these contributions were also recognized by the community with the National Volunteer Award (2013) awarded by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the United Nations Volunteers Organization. In order to get all the current achievements, the club has experienced many difficulties from the early steps to find a foothold in the hearts of tourists and the whole community. At this point, after experiencing many activities, Hanoikids has determined that we have a long-term and sustainable direction to organize cultural-oriented activities for students. With this guideline, the club has been carrying out many meaningful practical activities and promises to launch many projects to consolidate its position in the future. https://hanoikids.org/

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Hanoi Free Walking Tours by Local Students from Hanoi Kids Hanoi Free Walking Tours by Local Students from Hanoi Kids

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