Vietnam Stops Arrival Medical Declarations from April 27th

Updated News: Vietnam Ministry of Health has stopped making medical declarations for people entering the country at all border gates from 0:00 on April 27, in the context that Covid-19 infections and deaths tend to decrease globally as well as in Vietnam.

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The provinces still maintain the supervision of passengers on entry at the border gate according to the provisions of the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases on Border Medical Quarantine.

Thus, visitors entering Vietnam do not need to make medical declarations anymore, however, they are still subject to surveillance measures to prevent disease. This decision of the Ministry of Health is said to have relaxed measures to prevent and control the epidemic, creating favorable conditions for people and tourists to come to or return to Vietnam.

In mid-April, passengers at Tan Son Nhat Airport (HCMC) were congested because they had to make an electronic medical declaration and waited for airport staff to check. Many cases of undeclared or false declaration had to be supplemented, causing more serious congestion. Ho Chi Minh City leaders proposed to stop making medical declarations for people on entry, only asking for self-monitoring and reporting via PC-Covid because the epidemic has been controlled.

Regulations on domestic medical declaration will also be terminated in the near future, according to Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long. However, it is not clear when the specific time will be removed from the domestic health declaration.

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Vietnam Stops Arrival Medical Declarations from April 27th Vietnam Stops Arrival Medical Declarations from April 27th

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