Vietnam Changing Strategies to Prevent the Covid-19 Epidemic

Along with preventing the source of infiltration from foreign countries, the National Steering Committee for the Prevention of Epidemic Covid-19 identified urgently screening and screening all the objects at risk in the country.

At the morning meeting of March 20, according to the Government Web Portal, members of the National Steering Committee for the prevention of acute respiratory infections caused by the new strain of Corona virus (Covid-19) agreed to receive. In the first phase, Vietnam has well implemented the disease prevention. Entering phase 2, the pandemic has spread to the world requires a change in prevention strategy.

High Risk from hundreds of thousands of people from 1/3:

Although it was early forecast that the risk of disease from foreign countries entering Vietnam, but because of many factors, Vietnam could not immediately "close". Therefore, in addition to preventing the disease from outside, do not forget the huge risk of infection from hundreds of thousands of people who have entered Vietnam (from March 1 to the present), many of which people from epidemic areas. Therefore, we need to implement drastic measures.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Deputy Minister of Health, said that, besides thoroughly separating all Vietnamese citizens and foreigners who enter Vietnam, the country must also urgently conduct screening. screening and early detection of suspected cases to conduct tests to detect cases, isolation and treatment.

The Steering Committee has assigned the Ministry of Health, the military medical forces to urgently formulate plans, procure supplies, equipment, training ... to deploy mobile laboratories as soon as possible; receive and apply many different testing methods, mobilize the total testing system to basically screen and screen all current risk of infection.

The health sector and the whole system must go into an urgent and drastic campaign to mobilize people to make voluntary medical declarations; "Searching each lane, knocking on each house" to understand the health status of each citizen, grouping cases that have contacted people from the epidemic area, the elderly, the weak, the people with underlying diseases, people at high risk of infection ... thereby forming a screening net, timely providing medical support to those at high risk in the community; deploy remote healthcare applications for some common diseases.

Prepare hotels for isolation with fee for foreigners and tourists:

Regarding the organization of reception and isolation, the Steering Committee discussed and said that it is necessary to continue assigning the army to preside over the concentrated isolation work, at the same time, paying attention to strictly implementing military discipline. in isolated areas, more carefully trained officials and soldiers on duty, must not have any subjective psychology, disregard. All Vietnamese who return home must be isolated in accordance with regulations, and must not miss any case.

At the same time, localities prepare hotels and accommodation facilities to organize isolation with fees for foreigners holding diplomatic, official passports, and experts working on important projects according to Vietnam requirements. For Vietnamese returning home, the State ensures the conditions for citizens to conduct concentrated isolation according to regulations.

The comments also suggested that the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs would direct universities and colleges to hand over student dormitories to the military for readiness for isolation facilities. ; ...

Major General Nguyen Xuan Kien, Director of the Military Medical Department, suggested that the partition should land reasonable flights to avoid overloading, causing pressure at the receiving place. The Ministry of Defense will also check and rectify the unreasonable points, tighten military discipline to ensure the safe isolation as prescribed; ...

Also at the meeting, the Steering Committee also discussed issues related to securing machines, protective equipment, and medical supplies for epidemic prevention; managing southwest border line; coordination in the reception of citizens, organized isolation.

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Vietnam Changing Strategies to Prevent the Covid-19 Epidemic Vietnam Changing Strategies to Prevent the Covid-19 Epidemic
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