Travel Guide to Quang Ba Night Flower Market in Hanoi Vietnam

Quang Ba Night Flower Market Hanoi is located along the Nghi Tam street, which is about 3km to the west of Hanoi Old Quarter. The special thing of the market is it only actives in night and  early morning with the most crowed time is at bout 2:00 AM. The market is so amazing with many kinds of flower colors, that well-organized flower stores. Wondering around the market to choose some of bouquets, and feeling the wonderful atmosphere of the flower market is an amazing experience.

Quang Ba Flower Market Hanoi

Quang Ba Night Flower Market is opened all ảound the year and usually starts from midnight, but it is still scattered until 2-3 AM, the market becomes crowded and this should be the right moment to visit the place. As the market is opened at night, people always have a lighter if they want to find out the freshest and the most beautiful flowers. Especially during the days before Tet holiday on 14-2, 08-3, 20-10, market will be opened sooner, some of stores will sell all days to meet the market demands.

Quang Ba Flower Market

When visiting to Quang Ba Night Flower Market, you will have change to buy the most beautiful bouquet with reasonable cost; the price of flower is offen stable whether in normal days or New Years (Vietnamese TET holiday). The price of the fragrant huge rose bouquet is only from about 80k - 100k, equally to half of normal price, Lilies are usually from about 70k /bunch of 20 flowers, or orchids cost only about 3-4k / branch.

Hanoi Flower Market

Everytime prior to the Tet Holiday, sellers will begin to sell branches of peach blossom, the price ranges from about 70-80k/ small branch to a few millions VND for a whole tree depending on the sizes. If you are first time visitor, you will be surprised with very low costs of flowers; price increases a little bit in Tet holidays but is still much cheaper than other places, so that Quang Ba flower market is always crowded.

What is the Best Time to Visit Quang Ba Flower Market?

To have the best feeling of Quang Ba Flower Market atmosphere at night, you should come here from 2:00-4:00 AM, althought that will be inconvenient to get out of your bed in that time. There is another option to spend a whole night discovering Ha Noi with Quang Ba Flower Market.

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Travel Guide to Quang Ba Night Flower Market in Hanoi Vietnam Travel Guide to Quang Ba Night Flower Market in Hanoi Vietnam

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