Travel During Covid-19 Epidemic: Things You Need to Know

Traveling at the time of the outbreak of Covid-19, visitors could face many difficulties such as infection, quarantine or forced cancellation of the plan.

At this time, the Covid-19 epidemic is having complicated developments around the globe. If you decide to travel, you may be exposed to risks such as becoming infected, carrying out isolation orders or canceling your entire travel plan.

If isolated, visitors face isolation for up to 14 days or more, even if only for the slightest symptoms, in an unfamiliar city or in isolation on cruise ships. Consider this ability to fully prepare the necessary medicines and utensils.

Please avoid non-refundable reservations. Before making a reservation, make sure that your service provider has more favorable cancellation policies at this time.

In addition, air tickets can be refunded often cost much more expensive than non-refundable tickets. Most travel insurance policies also do not cover the cancellation of tickets due to disease.

If you change or cancel a trip, you will be charged a cancellation fee, although many airlines and hotels currently allow customers to change plans more flexibly than usual. These policies may vary depending on the course of the disease.

Cancellation policy due to Covid-19 translation of some OTA (Online Travel Agent):

Policies from OTAs focus primarily on tourism products and services such as hotel reservations, tour booking, airline tickets,...

Whether or not you are eligible for a refund depends on the policy of the OTA and the third party accommodation or service providers.

The Agoda site guides guests to use the self-service function, specifically: Visit the official website and log in to your account-> Select "My reservations" -> Select orders-> Click "Edit change reservation "-> View booking changes or cancel terms.

If your order complies with the cancellation policy, you will see the following description: "This order may be affected by a public emergency. Agoda will cancel your booking for free. You should use the self-service feature to cancel orders first, saving time and effort ".

"Due to the current situation regarding the Corona virus, we understand that you may need to change your travel plans. To get the latest information, you can contact the property you have booked to see them. You can also visit our Help Center for assistance with booking changes. "is the notice on has announced that it will be free of charge for many hotels, depending on the location, during the Covid-19 translation period. For reservations in some countries the cancellation will be free. The page also notes, "If your trip is not within the next 7 days, please temporarily not call support so we can help customers who need emergency assistance first."

Trivago is a metadata service provider that only offers price comparisons, advising users to check policy information from OTAs before booking.

The OTAs recommend that anyone traveling within 72 hours should access the app to get the latest information and be able to make emergency changes. In general, OTAs recommend that people should regularly update disease information from local health organizations or authorities or at Centers for Disease Control in the countries they will visit.

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Travel During Covid-19 Epidemic: Things You Need to Know Travel During Covid-19 Epidemic: Things You Need to Know
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