Sapa Night Market Guide: Best Places for Nightlife Activities

Sapa Night Market is often held in the evening on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, opening hours from 4.00pm until 10.00pm. Although that is the official hours, most of the time it actually remains open until midnight. The Sa Pa Night Market is the best places to enjoy Nightlife Activities as it still preserves the unique atmosphere of a Northwestern Vietnam town. Coming to the market, tourists will have a chance to not only shop for the best handicrafts made by local people, taste the delicious local food, but also enjoy local cultural performances. Especially Sa Pa’s love market on Saturday night has been an unique and valuable aspect in the culture of the Mong and Dao ethnic groups for very long time.

Sapa Night Market

Where is Sapa Night Market Located?

Sa Pa Night Market is located on N1 Street of Sa Pa Town. The location belongs to the Information Center and Tourism Promotion of Lao Cai Province. It is at the center of Sa Pa town, near Sapa bus station and really easy to find.

What Things to Do in Sapa Night Market?

Sapa Night Market now has about 34 business households selling local products made by Local Hill Tribes in Sapa Town. There are also about 80 usual hawkers from Hmong, Red Dao sells the products at the night market.

  • Buy Local Products made by Hill Tribe People:

The first impression of any visitor when going to this night market is the colorful clothes of the sellers. Most of them are Hmong, Red Dao and Giay people who are the biggest ethnic groups in Sapa.

Sa Pa Night Market

They come to the market to sell a variety of things such as jewelry, clothing in Hmong or Red Dao style (brocade), flutes, rice wine, the remedy of the Red Dao, oil, candle wax, and honey. These products are mainly made by hand but are of high quality and at a reasonable price.

  • Taste Local Street Food in Local Restaurants:

Sa Pa Night Market is not the only place for shopping, but also a food paradise. The market offers different delicious dishes, most of which are grilled or roasted ones. In the cold weather of Sa Pa, it is amazing to have a taste of grilled or roasted dishes.

Sapa Nightlife

Grilled pork skewers, grilled bacon, quail eggs, chicken wings, beef stuffed cabbage rolls, sliced beef with enoki mushrooms, and salmon sausage grilled over the flaming hot charcoal are dishes you should not miss when visiting Sapa night market. Seven minor ethnicities living in Sa Pa create a mutual yet special cuisine, and Sapa night market is the place where you can experience its unique and diverse Sapa culinary culture.

  • Enjoy Music Performances in Love Market:

Every Saturday night, there is a love market of Hmong Hilltribe Peope at Sapa night market. The love market does not like the normal market, as love is not what on sale here. A market is just a dating place for lovers. It is the place where lovers meet each other and express their affection for each other.

Sapa Love Market

Therefore, tourists coming here can see a lot of cultural activities of ethnic minorities such as folk games such as tug of war, performing melodies through leaf blowing, and singing love songs while dancing. The market is the place for you to truly immerse in the cultural customs of the mountainous ethnic minorities.

How to Get to Sapa Night Market?

  • By Walking:

Sapa night market is in the center of Sapa town, so it can be easily reachable on foot. Walking to Sapa night market, you will have a chance to see Sapa People ‘s life at night time and enjoy the fresh air here.

  • By Motorbike:

A more popular way of moving around Sa Pa is to rent a motorbike. Renting a motorbike in Sapa is easy, and you are recommended to arrive at the Night Market before 8 pm to make sure you can get a parking spot. There are many parking places around the market. But if you get here too late, you might have to park quite far away. Moreover, you should pay attention to the one-way street signal to avoid being punished by the police.

  • By Metered Taxi:

If you are firt time travelers in Vietnam and not very confident with getting around Sapa on foot or by motorbike, you can also order a taxi to get to Sapa night market.

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Sapa Night Market Guide: Best Places for Nightlife Activities Sapa Night Market Guide: Best Places for Nightlife Activities
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