Reasons 10% Covid-19 Patients in Wuhan Tested Positive Again

Chinese experts said on Tuesday that the above cases are not surprising and not necessarily dangerous, needing more monitoring, according to the Global Times.

There are no specific studies showing that the total number of people who are positive for Covid-19 in China, but isolated areas in Wuhan, Hubei province, reported that the percentage is between 5-10%.

The above isolation areas have not confirmed any re-positive cases that could infect others, according to the Global Times.

Yang Zhanqiu, a virologist at Wuhan University, said the results of a positive or negative test depend on many factors, such as how a sample is tested and how a person is cured.

But basically, Yang said the cases are not "re-infected" and need to wait after a few months to see if the results are still positive.

Covid-19 Test

Experts believe that a certain percentage of people who are positive for Covid-19 after discharge are normal.

An anonymous expert said that the Corona virus remains in the human body, especially in the intestines, for a long time, though it is no longer contagious. The most obvious sign is that the virus has been recorded in the stool samples of these people.

Looking through a microscope, the expert says these are completely harmless Corona viruses, which do not contain RNA-like genetic code for replication.

This expert explained that this could also be the mechanism to develop the "natural vaccine" of the body, helping these people form a community immunity against real viruses.

Another reason is that without the specific Covid-19 medication, the person cures completely or no longer depends on their immune system. When some patients are tested to see if they are eligible to leave the hospital, the Corona virus is temporarily suppressed by the immune system and should be negative.

When the immune system weakens or in other words the patient does not continue to recover, the Corona virus reappears in larger numbers.

In this regard, experts say there's nothing to worry about. Everyone needs a healthy lifestyle for their immune system to improve, thus eliminating the virus completely, according to Global Times.

Global Times.

Reasons 10% Covid-19 Patients in Wuhan Tested Positive Again Reasons 10% Covid-19 Patients in Wuhan Tested Positive Again
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