Quang Binh Tourism: Discovered 12 Magnificent New Caves

On Apr 3rd, Mr. Howard Limbert - Head of cave experts of Royal British Caves Association (BCRA) announced the results of the cave search and exploration in early 2020 in Quang Binh.

Quang Binh Tourism

A new cave has just been explored and discovered by BCRA. Photo: BCRA

The BCRA cave team of experts has discovered 12 new caves, with a total length of caves measured more than 10km.

Previously, a group of 11 experts from the Royal Caves Association of England planned to explore the cave in 2020 in Quang Binh starting from March 3 to March 20.

The experts divided into two small groups, going into the primeval forest areas to survey the new cave. The location chosen by BCRA delegation is Bo Trach, Quang Ninh and Minh Hoa districts.

During the expedition, experts discovered 12 new and named caves, including: Doc Co Cave (554.6 m long); End Cave (length 51.5m); Dry Vom (413m long) in Bo Trach district.

In Quang Ninh district, experts discovered new caves such as: Nước Ngầm (length of 3,872m); Nước Lặn 3 (1,919m long); Hung Thoai (460m long); Coincidental Cave (100m long).

The remaining caves were found in Minh Hoa district: Horned Viper (Phu Nhieu 2) 194.8m long; Phu Nhieu 4 (length of 2,012m); Cha Ra (314m long); Thoang Lip (137m long) and many caves have different river systems. The total length of newly discovered and measured caves this time is 10,491m.

According to the observation and description of the expert group, stalactites in newly discovered caves include 4 basic forms: roof and stone stalactites, dispersed formations, stalactites created by the flow of water, and jelly. emulsion due to accumulation of minerals. Notably, the above caves have never appeared human footprints.

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Quang Binh Tourism: Discovered 12 Magnificent New Caves Quang Binh Tourism: Discovered 12 Magnificent New Caves
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