Hue City Closed Bars, Massage Rooms to Prevent Covid-19

On March 13, Mr. Phan Ngoc Tho, Chairman of the People's Committee of Thua Thien - Hue, requested to temporarily close cinemas, bars, online games and massage places to limit crowds and limit risks. outbreak of Covid-19. In addition, Chan May Seaport also temporarily does not welcome cruise ships to stop to prevent the spread of epidemic.

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Medical staff sprayed disinfectant streets with visitors infected in Hue City

The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee suggested localities continue to supervise and firmly grasp the situation of population arising in the area, the number of additional visitors, daily reports on the situation of arising cases of F1 and F2. Do not be subjective in the health of the F1 cases that have negative results.

The government is ready for concentrated isolation areas, reporting the situation of preparation of isolation areas for the Steering Committee to have plans to use when necessary.

At the request of the leaders of Thua Thien - Hue province, each district health center must have at least 10 patient beds and medical protection devices for isolation. The quarantine person must have a quarantine file including a health monitoring record, a medical declaration, and a commitment to the government to take the initiative in grasping the situation of the health situation.

"By all efforts, the health sector must ensure the best health for the people at the present time, determined not to have a case of death caused by an epidemic in the locality, worthy of a specialized medical center. depth of the whole country ", Mr. Tho said.

According to statistics, Facility 2 of Hue Central Hospital is treating 3 Covid-19 positive patients, of which the 30th patient was found positive in the area (as a passenger traveling with flight VN0054 with female patients 17).

Particularly patients 31 and 33 are also passengers traveling on the VN0054 flight found positive while staying in Quang Nam, was given treatment at this hospital.

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On the Morning of March 13, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc presided over the Government's Permanent Meeting on Prevention of Covid-19. Foreigners infected with Covid-19 must pay for medical treatment when in Vietnam.

Vietnam Prime Minister also proposed to suspend tourist visas with Shengen and UK citizens in the next 48 hours; stop issuing visa at the border gates with all visitors to Vietnam. The first priority is to protect people's health of Vietnam Country and Foreign Tourists.

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Hue City Closed Bars, Massage Rooms to Prevent Covid-19 Hue City Closed Bars, Massage Rooms to Prevent Covid-19
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