Hanoi Reopens Tourist Sites After nCoV Disinfect Spray

According to the monuments management agencies and visitors, in the context of respiratory disease caused by a new strain of corona virus (nCoV) is happening complicatedly, this is the necessary work. Many visitors after reading the notice of suspension posted at the destination proved to be quite unexpected, but then the security guards clearly explained the reason.

Corona Virus Hanoi

A Manager of Ngoc Son temple relic said: After receiving the information from the leader, we temporarily stopped welcoming guests to prepare for cleaning and disinfecting and will continue to welcome guests in time. earliest.

Director of Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam - Le Xuan Kieu said that the temporary suspension of activities at the monument may reduce the number of visitors but when the destinations are safe, visitors will Rest assured again in the future.

Mr. Dang Van Bieu - Deputy Manager of Monuments Management Committee of Hoa Lo Prison shared: Right from the moment of the information on the outbreak, we had handwashing water, medical masks for officials, staff as well as tourists. schedule to ensure safety, pausing for pick up is necessary.

Corona Virus in Vietnam

But in the morning of February 6, the management boards of Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam relics, Ngoc Son temple, Hoa Lo prison historic site, Hoang Thanh Thang Long heritage site and Co Loa relic area in Hanoi simultaneously announced. open to welcome guests, after temporarily closed to perform hygiene and disinfectant spraying.

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Hanoi Reopens Tourist Sites After nCoV Disinfect Spray Hanoi Reopens Tourist Sites After nCoV Disinfect Spray
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