Experience the Real Hue Street Food

Local food on Hue Streets:

Traveling to Hue without stopping at a street sidewalk, do not enjoy the dishes bearing bold Hue here is not fully enjoy the taste of Hue.

Hue Noodle Soup With Beef

Hue Beef Noodle Soup - Bun Bo Hue

Those who come to Hue almost always seek tranquility, quietness in the space of their own private capital. They immerse themselves in the gentle beauty of the Perfume River; ancient beauty and beauty of the tombs, temples, palaces; poetic beauty of the meadow fly in Hue. But if you come to Hue without stopping at a pavement on the side of the road, do not enjoy Hue's rich dishes here, we do not fully enjoy Hue flavor.

Local Hue Dishes:

First to Hue for college, I not only surprised and enjoy the green, clean and beauty of Hue but also surprised by the crowded restaurants, drinking on the sidewalk ... And the first dishes I enjoyed was Clam Rice in Ta Quang Buu Street.

Mussels Rice in Hue

Hue Mussels Rice (Hue Clam Rice)

After becoming a student at Hue University, I decided to take a walk around Hue City to discover and enjoy the food at the Hue sidewalks.

Food in Hue is rich, delicious and fancy. Surely those who come to Hue, have ever enjoy the Hue also recognize this.

It is said that if you go to Hue without eating Mussels Rice (Clam Rice), that means you have not been to Hue yet.

Mussels Rice is a specialty and typical in Hue. We can easily meet the mussels rice when going to Duy Tan, Tran Hung Dao or Tran Phu ... Mussels Rice is cooled rice mixed with boiled mussels, fish sauce, cabbage vegetables, grease roasted pork, chilli, whole grain peanuts, cooked oil, pepper, lemon grass and salt. Mussels have 13 spices and depending on the tasting experience of each seller that have different taste. Apart from mussels, there are also modified dishes such as mussels and noodles. In Hue surely everyone at least once have eaten this and many are already the guests of the mussels food on the sidewalk.

Banh Canh Hue

Rice/ Tapioca Noodle with Pork/Shrimp and Herbs/Salad

The food on the sidewalks in Hue is not only mussels but also crayfish noodle soup. A dish can say is also typical Hue Food. If talking about crayfish noodle soup, it is the best in Thuy Duong Village. The rice flour is kneaded in the kitchen, then rolled with a thin plastic tube, cut into strands and put directly into the pot of boiled water. The fiber is cooked long and clear. Fish meat is filleted, then store it for spices, then put in the broth. When eating, add more spring onions with salt and pepper.

Hue food is spicy, everyone must recognize that Hue people eat spicy "fear". Each dish has different flavors even though it is crayfish noodle soup. And soup dishes are also regular food at our breakfast. Almost every morning before going to school we enjoy a bowl of soup

The food is very wild:

Snails in Hue are also very good and of course very spicy. Even when boiling snails with spices, but still eating ginger sauce for "round". Talking of snails, we have to mention Nam Giao or Truong An slope (Phan Boi Chau street). I am also a guest of the restaurant in Truong An. The sidewalk pavilions in these two places as well as some bars in Ba Trieu or Nguyen Hue always crowded from opening hours until late night. As long as still having snails, it is still crowded.

Then Hue Fern Shape Cake, Tapioca Cake or Tea shops also contribute to the rich pavement restaurant in Hue. They are also delicious and attractive. There are many kinds of tea such as taro, tea, coco tea, tea powder, pomegranate tea, fruit tea, grapefruit tea ... Summer tea shops in Hue, . To mention tea is to mention the tea shop in Hung Vuong Street, the most crowded is the Tea Pagoda or Tea Ty in Tran Phu.

There are wet pastries, barbecue noodles or donuts, buns, beef pasta ... On the sidewalks in Hue city that is not known ever.

Street Eat Tours Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon

Locals and Tourists in Street Food Stalls

Pavement, the hobby is not outdated:

The sidewalk in Hue from early morning to late evening always crowded. These shops have only a few plastic tables and less chairs but look quite clean, more refined, than the shops in Hanoi or Saigon. Because in Hue less traffic, fresh air, and more, the sales sister also more careful. The sidewalks in Hue are of all levels: intellectuals; artist; civil servants to the girls, the students, then the doctors, cyclo; motorbikes ... All can stop at the sidewalk to eat, chat, work table ... The pavement restaurant here is good but cheap. Only about ten thousand dong for a bowl of soup, a glass of tea or a bowl of mussel rice. A delicious snail or mussel, delicious, but only twenty thousand. The sidewalk dishes are not as good at cheap as in Hue. So students can comfortably invite each other to eat on the occasion of birthday or mutual scholarships at a certain sidewalk by a tens of thousands. It can be said that the pavement restaurant also contributed to a very Hue characteristics. Along any of the sidewalk roads in Hue, you can also find many sidewalks.

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Experience the Real Hue Street Food Experience the Real Hue Street Food

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