The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has requested Tourism Management Departments and Tourism Businesses to strengthen supervision of the reception of international visitors to Vietnam, taking measures to ensure the safety, health of travelers and for the sake of community benefits.

This dispatch was made after the emergency meeting of the Steering Committee for the Prevention of Dangerous and Emerging Diseases, chaired by the Ministry of Health on the afternoon of the second day of Tet, January 26, 2020.

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The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism requires the tourism management department and the travel service business units to welcome foreign tourists into Vietnam, to promptly coordinate with the health sector and the authorities to monitor, supervise high-risk tourists according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Tourists coming from an epidemic area or contacting people in an epidemic area, within 14 days, must be closely monitored and supervised when detecting signs of suspicion to be isolated, treated and tested immediately.

The Official Letter also requires the units to promptly report to the authorities and the General Department of Tourism when situations arise to tourists. Strengthen propaganda and guide tourists to coordinate to control the epidemic situation with the aim of ensuring the safety, health of tourists and the common interests of the community.

Currently, tourism is in the peak season due to people in many parts of Asia on Tet holiday. Vietnam is welcoming a large number of tourists from other countries, mainly from China.

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According to the representative of Vietnam Aviation Administration, from January 15 to 25, there were about 400,000 people from China to or from Vietnam to China via air. Since the outbreak, Vietnamese airports have also detected a number of cases of passengers from China showing signs of fever and isolation.

Notably, on January 22, there was a flight from Wuhan City to Danang City carrying 218 passengers and immediately Da Nang City Department of Health announced a hotline for people to promptly inform when detect abnormal cases.

Previously, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism also had a recommendation to Vietnamese Tourism and Travel Companies to minimize tourists' travel to epidemic areas, especially those areas that have been recommended by local authorities. the translation is unpredictable in China.

Following this recommendation, a number of Vietnamese Travel Companies canceled the Tet (New Year) Tours to China with a departure date for the Chinese New Year and wait for new developments.

So far, Vietnam has recorded eight persons with infection, that raises concerns from tourists in this country (up to date of 3rd Feb 2020 - 3 in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, 3 in Vinh Phuc Province, 1 in Khanh Hoa Province and 1 in Thanh Hoa Province).

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