Best Restaurants on the way from Hanoi to Son La city

If driving by your-self from Hanoi, backpackers often choose the highway 6 by the shortest distance and there are many beautiful scenes on both sides of the road. On the 300 km journey to Son La city, you will pass through Hoa Binh city, Moc Chau town and Yen Chau town. Here are suggestions for some restaurants that receive many positive reviews from visitors on this road:

  1. Spicy Fish Noodles Soup, Hanoi:

Before departure, you can stop by for breakfast at Hai Phong Spicy Fish Noodle Restaurant on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street for your convenience. A full bowl consists of vermicelli or rice pancakes, perch and fried fish balls, fish eggs, surface, squid …

Noodle Soup with Fish

A bowl of Fish Noodle Soup costs only 30k-50k

  1. Thanh Van Restaurant, Hoa Binh:

The restaurant is located on Highway 6, section through Trung Minh commune, Ky Son district, about 4 km from the gate of Hoa Binh city. The menu at the restaurant is quite diverse with the specialties of mountains and forests such as chicken hill, chimpanzee, chrysanthemum larvae besides popular rice dishes. Most of the visitors are satisfied with the food and service of the restaurant. If you are an allergy to protein foods, consider calling some items like cicadas, bee nymphs here.

  1. Salmon 64 restaurant, Son La:

When you reach the border area between the two districts of Van Ho and Moc Chau, you will see the name plate of the shop located on the left side of the road. This is a familiar stop for groups of tourists passing through Highway 6, including large travel companies. A regular salmon serving here consists of six dishes with salad, fried skin, fried fish, grilled fish, fish porridge and hotpot. Besides, the restaurant's menu also offers many other options for pig, chicken, cow ... processed in many ways. This place also sells Northwest specialties for you to buy as gifts.

Vietnamese Food

Salmon Sushi - A Must Try in Moc Chau, Son La

  1. Com Tam Ngoc Son Restaurant, Son La:

After passing through Moc Chau town, the selection of restaurants is more limited because the population in this area is quite sparse. Arriving in Yen Chau town (Son La), you should visit the eight Ngoc Son rice restaurant to eat. The plus of this restaurant is the spacious space, the staff is fast and enthusiastic. A meal here costs an average of 100,000-150,000 VND per person, with the main menu being popular dishes such as stir-fried pork, tomato beans, boiled chicken and soup dishes.

  1. Thang Co Restaurant in Viet The, Son La:

Go to Son La city, you should try to win the horse, the typical dish of the Northwest. This restaurant is located on Giang Shake Street, Quyet Thang Ward, the city center so it is convenient to drop by. The restaurant is usually crowded in the evening, most of the guests are people in the city and surrounding areas. Besides the victory, this address also serves other typical North-West dishes such as armpit pig, buffalo meat and seasonal vegetables.

Local Restaurants

Top Local Street Restaurants on Road Journey from Hanoi to Son La City

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Best Restaurants on the way from Hanoi to Son La city Best Restaurants on the way from Hanoi to Son La city
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