3 days in Hue City, Vietnam

Visiting Hue or Hoi An? How long to spend in Hue Vietnam? This will help you with the Best Itinerary of what to do, how to plan you time in Hue.  As Hue is never a boring city if you are traveling with local experts, who were born and grown up in the region and always love to show you their beautiful motherland with hidden treasuries. We offer the Best Budget Day Tours in Hue City Vietnam by Car, Bus, Boat, Motorbike and Bicycle with Best Things to do and Top Things to see in Hue.

Day 1: Arrival - Hue City Tour by Private Car or Motorbike with Top Experienced Driver & Great Knowledgeable Guide.

If you travel to Hue City by Train, Airplane or Bus. Please kindly contact Adventure Journey for convenient pick-up to transfer to your hotel for refreshment before we start our Hue City Discovery.

Today our knowledgeable tour guide and experienced driver will take you to discover all the best things to visit in Hue City listed by UNESCO to be World Cultural Heritage Sites. The first of them will be Imperial Citadel including Nine Holy Cannons (1803-1804) by The First King of Nguyen Dynasty Gia Long (1802 - 1820), each of the cannon is about 5.1m long and from 17 - 18 tons weight. After defeated his biggest enermy - Tay Son Dynasty (1789 - 1802), Gia Long started the Nguyen Dynasty and ordered to collect all weapons of Tay Son Army melted and casted into 9 holy cannons . These cannons were first placed on 2 sides of present South Gate, but in early 20th century they were moved to present positions. 4 cannons on one side symbolize 4 seasons in Hue City and 5 cannons on other side synbolize 5 essencial elements of universe (Water, Fire, Wood, Earth, Metal). These all 9 cannons symbolize the Invincibility of the Nguyen Dynasty.

9 Holy Cannons Hue City

Nine Holy Cannons - Hue Imperial Citadel

From here, you can also see the biggest Flag Tower in Vietnam built in 1807 by King Gia Long (1802 - 1820) but was under big restoration in 1829, 1831, 1840 by King Minh Mang (1820 - 1841). The Flag Tower include foundation with 3 storeys (The first storey is about 5.5m, the middle starey is about 6m, the top storey is about 6m) and 37m flag pole - it was firest constructed by 30m wooden pole, but in 1846 King Thieu Tri (1841 - 1847) replace by 32m wooden pole. In 1947 when French came back to reoccupy Hue City, this wooden pole was destryed by French Cannons and 1948 they rebuilt present 37m iron pole.

Hue Imperial City

Flag Tower - Hue Imperial Citadel

After flag tower, we continue to South Gate built in 1833 by King Minh Mang (1820 - 1841). This is the most important gate and the middle entrance was only used for the Kings on some important occasions. South Gate includes foundation with 5 entrances and 2 storeys building on top named five phoenix pavilion used for ladies in Royal Family. In this South Gate on 30 Aug 1945, King Bao Dai (1925-1945) abdicated and handed over Seal and Sword to Ho Chi Minh's Ambassador then ended Monarchy in Vietnam.

South Gate

South Gate - Hue Imperial City

Walking through South Gate, we get to see the most important building in Imperial City named Supreme Harmony Palace, where many important grand meetings were hold by all 13 King of the Nguyen Dynasty. The pesent building was built in 1833 by King Minh Mang on the foundation of first Sumpreme Hamorny Palace built in 1805 by King Gia Long, and was undergone many big scale restoration in 1923 by King Khai Dinh (1916 - 1925) and 1960, 1970, 1981, 1985, 1992 after it was damaged during Vietnam War.

Supreme Harmony Palace - Hue Royal Palace

Supreme Harmony Palace - Hue Imperial City

From Supreme Harmony Palace, we will head to Dynastic Temple built in 1822 by King Minh Mang (1820 - 1841) to worship Kings of the Nguyen Dynasty after death. Up to 1959, there were only 7 Kings out of 13 Kings of the Nguyen Dynasty worshiped here as they were died as the King (Kings: Gia Long, Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc, Kien Phuoc, Dong Khanh, Khai Dinh). But in 1959, according to requests of Royal Family another 3 anti-french Kings were put in here for worshipping (Kings: Ham Nghi, Thanh Thai, Duy Tan). Overlooking from Dynastic Temple, there is a 13m gate building named Hien Lam Pavilion built in 1821 to worship people who sacrified for the Nguyen Dynasty. This is nowaday still the only tallest building in Hue Imperial Citadel as there is no other building taller than this one built. In here also placed with 9 Dynastic Urns cast in 1836 by King Minh Mang. These 9 Urns symbolize sovereignty of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Dynastic Temple - Hue Imperial City

Dynastic Temple - Hue Imperital City

Continue our tour to ruined Forbidden City, where 13 Kings of the Nguyen Dynasty lived with their Queen, Minor Wives and Concubines lived from 1805 until 1945. But this area totally destroyed by 2 wars in Vietnam in 1947 and 1968. Nowaday, Forbidden City is under restoration with the supports of UNESSCO and Vietnam Gorvernment.

Forbidden City Hue

Forbidden City - Hue

The next place to visit in Hue City will be the most well known and oldest pagoda in Hue named Thien Mu Pagoda built in 1601 by Nguyen Anh - the founder of Nguyen Family (later became Nguyen Dynasty). This pagoda was built on the hill overlooking to Perfume River and holding some very precious objects from Vietnam War like: An Austin Car and Picture of a Buddhist Monk - who burnt himself in 1963 to protest again NGo Dinh Diem Gorvernment, the most famous bell in Vietnam (Đại Hồng Chung) cast in 1710.

Thien Mu Pagoda Hue City

Thien Mu Pagoda - Hue City

From Thien Mu Pagoda, we will take a Dragon Boat Trip on Perfume River before our driver take you to Vietnamese Lunch. Adventure Journey offers Special Vegetarian Lunch cooked and served by Buddhist Nuns in Buddhist Temple, this will be a chance for you to learn more about the importance of Buddhism to local socialty.

Hue City Tour

Vegetarian Lunch in Buddhist Temple

After Special and Delicious Lunch, we continue to visit Tomb of King Tu Duc (built from 1864 - 1867), which is considered as one of the most beautiful and picturesque and largest works of architecture of Nguyen Dynasty’s royal palaces and tombs. The Tomb area is 12 hecta and took 3,000 workers 3 years to finish. This was also a place Tu Duc worked and live sometimes before his death in 1883.

Tu Duc Tomb Hue

Tu Duc Tomb - Hue City

We then visit the most majestic Tomb of King Minh Mang – This majestic tomb is well-knowned for its architecture and sublime forest setting in beautiful quite area. The tomb was planned during Minh Mang’s reign (1820–1841) but built by his successor, Thieu Tri, from 1841-1843.

Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb - Hue City

Our final sight will be the most elaborate Tomb of King Khai Dinh, the tomb’s area is much smaller than the tombs of previous Kings. However, this building is far more elaborately designed than others of its era, being a mix of a number of architectural styles: Vietnamese, Indian and European Architectures.

Khai Dinh Tomb - Hue CIty

Khai Dinh Tomb - Hue City

After King Khai Dinh Tomb, our driver and tour guide will drop you back to hotel and our fantastic the 1st  day tour in Hue City.

Day 2: Hue Motorbike Discovery Tour - An Amazing Day with one of The Best Day Tours in Hue City

Hue City Vietnam is the best place to do motorbike tours. As with Motorbike Tours in Hue, you will have chance to experience the real life of local people in hidden back alley ways that you can only visit on small 2 wheels vehicle like Motorbike and Bicycle. On Motorbike Tours with Adventure Journey, you will be traveled safe with Great Knowledgeable Tour Guide and Top Experienced Drivers. Also we have Motorbike Travel Insurance included on Tours.

Best Hue Motorbike Tours

Chin Ham Historical Relic - Bunker Jails of South Vietnam

Today on Hue Motorbike Discovery Tour, we will visit beautiful countryside of Hue with very less touristy spots like: Historical Chin Ham Relic (South Vietnam Bunker Jails), Huyen Tran Princess Temple, Lady Buddha Temple, Gia Long Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda and also join hands with local to make some local specialties for lunch as well as Dragon Boat Cruise on Perfume River.

Day 3: Hue Cycling & Fishing Tour or Hue Motorcycle & Fishing Tour to Countryside and Villages

Another Best Day in Hue with our Motorbike Tour or Cycling Tour to Hue's Countryside and Villages to experience the hidden life of Hue People.

Hue Cycling Tour

Fishing in Dam Chuon Village on Hue Cycling Tour

Today we will visit Historical Thanh Toan Coverd Bridge, Interesting Thanh Toan Local Market, Amazing Thanh Toan Agricultural Museum and especially join Fishing Activities by Fishing Net and Trap with Local Man in Dam Chuon Fishing Village in Tam Giang Lagoon. We also have delicious local seafood lunch in Stilted House in the Fishing Village before heading back to Hue City and finish one of your best day in Hue Vietnam.

Adventure Journey Vietnam

3 days in Hue City, Vietnam 3 days in Hue City, Vietnam

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