Paradise Cave 7km Adventure


Paradise Cave was discovered by a local man in 2005. In the same year, the first 5km of this cave was surveyed by explorers from the British Cave Research Association. Afterwards, the entire 31 km was explored then publicly announced by the British cave explorers.

At 31 km long, Paradise Cave is longer than Phong Nha Cave which had previously been considered the longest cave in the Phong Nha Ke Bang national park. Its height can reach up to 100m tall and 150m wide. The British cave explorers were so impressed by the wondrous stalactites and stalagmite formations inside this cave, that they named it Thiên Đường Cave (Paradise Cave). In 2012, a new scorpion species Vietbocap thienduongensis was found here. A standard Paradise Cave visitor is allowed to explore just 1000m into this cave on wooden walking platforms. This tour offers the unique experience of 7000m deep into the cave for the adventurous cave lovers!


7:30AM: Our car and tour guide will pick up you at your hotel in Dong Hoi City, then transfer you to Paradise Cave– the longest dry cave in Asia (located in Phong Nha – Ke bang National Park’s core zone). It is approximately 75 km from Dong Hoi and an 80 minute drive).   -OR- 8:15 Our driver will pick you up at your hotel in Phong Nha village, then transfer you to Paradise Cave. Here your guide will give you safety instructions and cave equipment.

You will then be taken by golf cart (1.6km) from the main gate through the jungle, to where you will then hike an incline to the mouth of the cave; a climb that boasts spectacular views of the mountainous region around the cave.

You will then explore the first 1000m into the cave along a wooden staircase and boardwalk, you can admire hundreds of colourful stalactites and the stalagmites created over millions of years.

Following our experienced and enthusiastic guide, you will continue beyond the boardwalk construction to venture inside more than 6000m of the cave, equipped with your personal flashlight.

Overcoming the cliff path, which challenges the courage and perseverance of the explorer, you will discover and learn about the formation of stalactites systems that are colourful and rich in shape.

The first 500 meters consists of a tube-shaped cave, where it is more than 80 meters high and 120 meters at its widest point. Occasionally we will encounter tall, block-like stalactite structures, glittering in its brilliance.

Deeper inside, the stalactites and the stalagmites are increasingly diverse and unique. You will see rock formations with a variety of colors and designs, as if sculpted directly by a hand of the Creator. Life inside the cave exhibits a rich and biodiverse ecosystem which includes, but is not limited to: fish, bats, spiders and crickets. In the first 3.5 km you may encounter hundreds of bats clinging to the ceiling. Further along, there is the junction of two shallow streams where you can enjoy a cool breeze blowing from the spring. There will be a rest stop at 4000m, where you can take photos in this beautiful location and preserve this unique memory.

After the break, you will continue to kayak over streams. Passing through a small part of the stream requires crouching down in order not to touch the ceiling.

After finishing the small stream, the next journey gives you the opportunity to test your own courage to overcome the steep road and  rugged land along the stream bed, where there are only narrow paths to thread through. From here, the cave looks like the labyrinth. Without a guide, it wouldn’t be difficult to find yourself lost amongst the cylindrical stalactites.

After 1 hour, we will arrive one of the more notable sections of the cave, referred to as “the Heaven Well”. According to the oriental concept; this well exemplifies the harmony between heaven and earth to proliferate from the cosmos. Being brought so close to this feat of nature is mysterious and exciting in the simplest of ways. Between the stream is smooth rocks as if shaped by the hands of artisans, with different shapes and different colours; you may feast your eyes.

After enjoying lunch beside the underground stream, you relax, take photographs and prepare for the journey back the same way.

4.30PM - 5.15PM: Tour ends. You will be dropped back off at your hotel or Dong Hoi train station.


What to bring:

  • Long trousers and good trekking shoes are recommended
  • Wear swimwear under your clothes
  • A travel towel or Sarong (not the room towels please!)

Tour inclusions:

  • Experienced tour guide, luggage porter
  • Lunch (please notify us in advance as to any dietary restrictions you may have and we will do our best to accommodate you).
  • Golf cart transfers from the main entrance to the mountain
  • Drinking water
  • Equipment and protective supplies
  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
  • First aid kit available

Tour Price: USD115/person

Children under 10 are not able to participate in this trek

Physical fitness is required including climbing stairs, swimming and walking on rocky boulders and uneven and slippery ground. Some scrambling over rocks will require use of your hands.


Paradise Cave 7km Adventure Paradise Cave 7km Adventure

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