Motorbike Insurance

1. Travel Insurance:

Adventure Journey  packages are usually exclude Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance and all insurance are not part of our package or customize or excursion. We highly recommend that you purchase full coverage travel insurance from you country of origin.

Only for Motorcycle Activities organized by Adventure Journey, travelers are insured by Bao Minh Insurance Corporation Based on Vietnam Insurance Policy for Foreign Travelers.

2. The scope of insurance includes the following risks:

- Bodily injuries or death due to accidents during motorcycle tours organized by Adventure Journey.

3. Insurance is not liable for:

- Risks occur due to the following direct causes:

+ The insured person knowingly violates the law, rules and regulations of Adventure Journey and the local government in which they tour.

+ Intentional acts of the insured person or the legal heir (a person is designated to receive insurance money according to Certificate of insurance or by law).

+ The insured person is affected by alcohol, beer, drugs and other similar substances.

+ War.

- Arising costs in the following cases:

+ The insured person has mental disease, pregnancy (except miscarriage as a result of the accident), gives birth.

+ The insured continues to treat wounds or illness arising prior to the effective insurance.

+ Treating or using medicines is not as directed by doctors and nurses.

4. Rights of insured travelers:

- If the insured person dies or suffers from permanent bodily injuries due to accident during a motorcycle tour organized by Adventure Journey, the insurance will be paid under the morbidity table, and in any case the amount of compensation shall not exceed 100,000,000VND.

- The insurance will be paid for the reasonable and necessary costs as a result of accident, sickness within the scope of insurance liability, but not to exceed the insurance of 100,000,000VND, including:

+ Cost of emergency aid and medical cost during treatment in Vietnam.

+ Food cost and room rate at the hospital during treatment in Vietnam per day with 0.2% of the insurance.

+ Repatriation cost for the insured person in the absence of further treatment in Vietnam includes:

- Rental cost for an ambulance to the airport in order to return to the insured person’s country.

- Rental cost for additional seats, medical instruments and medicines (if necessary).

- Food cost, hotel fee and cost of traveling for a necessary person taking care of the Insured when he/she repatriates, at the request of the director of the hospital where he/she is treated for conditions of his/her injuries or serious illness.

+ Where the insured person dies but not of any accident, the only cost of burial or cremation in Vietnam is paid or cost of transportation of the insured person’s bodies and luggage to his/her country. But the amount does not exceed 100,000,000 VND.

5. In case, within 180 days after the accident within the scope of insurance liability, the insured person dies or suffers from permanent bodily injuries due to direct consequences of such accident; part of the different level, between the amount stated in the Certificate of insurance and the amount paid previously, will be paid.


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