Things to know for Backpackers before Traveling to Vietnam

Vietnam is known as one of the countries with many beautiful landscapes, attracting foreign visitors. However, many foreign tourists before traveling to Vietnam are not equipped for the best discovery and full experience here. Understanding that psychology, the article will reveal tips and experiences for foreign tourists are intending to travel Vietnam in the coming time.

Best Transport - Motorbike / Scooter:

Transportation in the heart of major cities in Vietnam is mainly motorcycles, taxis, buses ... First come to Vietnam, visitors can use the vehicles mentioned above. However, for convenience and ease, Westerners should rent a motorbike package at the hotel, motel stay. Motorbike rental fees are not too expensive, ranging from 150-200,000 VND / day.

It is not necessary to change money to Vietnam dong:

Vietnamese tourists, foreigners do not necessarily need to convert cash into Vietnam dong. The stores still accept the exchange in USD. Also want to facilitate in many situations, West guests should remember to change the currency unit. USD / VND rate fluctuated at 23.000VNĐ. The secret to not be confused between the bills, you should distinguish the color and number written on it.

When you arrive, you should buy Vietnam SIMCARD:

As soon as the plane landed in Vietnam, you should buy a phone sim at the airport to contact your relatives and friends, inform them of the location you are traveling to. When you run out of money in your account, you buy a card loaded at the grocery store at any point in the city, so easy do not need to worry too much about this issue.

Free Wi-Fi:

At times when tired, visitors regardless of returning to the hotel, where to stay or visit the eateries, cafes to enjoy the taste of Vietnamese cuisine certainly the first is still open phone check- print. When shimmering photos are uploaded to social networks, phone calls are set up via zalo, viber, and "love cricket". But now a free, stable Wi-Fi connection is what you need most, you do not have to pay any costs to many restaurants, places to stay in Vietnam that can still spoil surf the web and connect with friends.

Vietnamese like to practice English:

Many foreign tourists to Vietnam think that it is very difficult to communicate, or simply ask the road is a big problem. In fact, many Vietnamese people can speak some common English conversation. The students also expressed interest and want to talk with foreign visitors to cultivate their own language, not for any reason.

Prepare for different weather:

Vietnam is in tropical monsoon climate. Summer is very hot, you should prepare personal items such as umbrellas, sunscreen or sunglasses. The winter in the North is usually very cold, do not forget to wear thick coat. Therefore, in the luggage brought to Vietnam should have enough suits to suit the weather here to protect their health.

A gentle and friendly Vietnam is always ready to welcome foreign visitors to visit the experience, just a little secret when coming to this country you will not go away.

Private Day Tours / Daily Group Tours / Private Car Transfers:

Traveling by yourself in Vietnam is never as easy as it is now as Vietnamese are friendly and it is quite safe to be on your own. But if you need to join Tours with groups, book your private tours or private car transfers. Then local travel agency is everywhere for your convenience. But as it is now easy with internet, so many tour agents in Vietnam has no license to organize Tours and Holidays legally for Foreign Tourists. It happened some times ago when some Foreign Travelers booked their Halong Bay Overnight Cruise on Internet, but upon arrival they realized Tour Company they booked with does not exist any more. So check with them carefully before you pay.

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