Amazing Motorcycle Tour Hue to Hoi An via Cloudy Pass!

Vietnam is very well-known for its motorbikes. You will see not only a person on a bike but the whole family, the contents of their entire house, few alive pigs (and if you are really really lucky you may see alive buffalo or cow) and the pet dog on there- altogether. Hopping on one of these babies really is the best way to get around and traveling between locations. My absolute favourite thing about my time in Indochina was riding a motorcycle from Hue to Hoi An. The riding roads are really amazing, the countryside is just stunning and it just made me and my partner feel as free as a bird.

Hue Motorbike Tour

If, however, like me, working your way round traffic in Vietnam is not your forte then go for a motorcycle tour. I went with Adventure Journey and I would definitely recommend this travel agent. Doing a tour with another driver meant we had the fun and freedom of the bikes without feeling like we were going to kill ourselves on the road especially with Vietnamese Traffic.

Adventure Journey is one of the best travel agent in Vietnam, and they are all incredibly friendly. Their drivers took us to all the sights on the route and we had plenty of time to chill out at each stop. It’s a long but it’s not rushed day at all and totally a must do. This reliable tour company also include travel insurance so it really free us from worry!

Between Hue and Hoi An, our first official stop, we swung into the beautiful countryside of Hue. When you ride through these areas of Vietnam you see rice, vegetable, ducks,… everywhere. Our stops mean we had a better look at what goes on in that harvesting process. It was a great place named Thanh Toan Village to just chill out, sightseeing a bit after being seated on the motorcyles.

So Elephant Springs (Elephant Waterfall) was our second stop on the trip and believe me, a refreshing dip in the cool water and waterfall here is exactly what you’ll fancy after being in the steaming heat of Central Vietnam. This spot is not too busy with people coming and going and there are a lot of locals and tourists enjoying the spot as well.

Elephant Spring - Hue

After a few hours into the trip, it was time for some real Vietnamese food. We parked up our motorcycles at the fishing village of Lap An lagoon and had local lunch on a stilted house restaurant. As you can expect from a real local fishing village, the seafood lunch they served here was just amazing. And of course, the views of the Lap An lagoon is just stunning from the restaurant.

Hue Motorbike Tour

After lunch. We had a magnificent ride into Hai Van Pass (Known as Cloudy Pass as it is usually cloudy all year around). This road is just amazing on a motorcycle! It stretches about 20km long, and about 500m about sea level and weaves through the mountains. The hair pin turns are brilliant to ride on the motorcycle, all you have to do is just to relax and go with the bike. in 2005 a tunnel opened (after 5 years of construction) making it easier for lorries and larger vehicles to travel between Hue and Hoi An without using this twisting roads, but this means the Hai Van Pass is now perfectly clear for motorbikes, car/bus and even some cyclists! You get amazing views of Lang Co Bay, Da Nang Bay - Da Nang City on the way as well.

Hai Van Pass ( Cloudy Pass)

Da Nang city is one of Vietnam’s fastest growing cities and sits right on the coastline. Many people visit city rather than passing through it like we were but it was still nice to see. We had time to have a swim in the beach named My Khe Beach ( Known as China Beach to tourists) and we could see the famous Lady Buddha across the water and also got a glimpse of the Danang Dragon Bridge on our way as well.

My Khe Beach (China Beach)

After Da Nang, we get to see Marble Mountain. This was our final stop before reaching to Hoi An Ancient Town. This was made from a group of 5 mountains next to each other, and are said to represent the 5 essential elements in Buddhism – metal, wood, fire, water and earth. It’s a bit of a tough walk up the mountains on cobbles as they are a few high staircases, but once you get to the caves it is well worth a walk. They are just stunning inside and there are many old and new Pagodas and Buddhist sanctuaries inside. We were told by our guide that people hid in them during the Vietnam war and that there was even a hospital inside as well!

Mable Mountain - Danang

We then said goodbye to our motorbike drivers in Hoi An at around 5.00pm that day after a long but really really enjoyable day riding on the back of the motorcycles. Such a memorable experience for our travel life!

Option 1: Motorbike Tour Hue to Hoi An                  Option 2: Motorbike Tour Hoi An to Hue

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